Why Watches are Worn on the Left Hand?

what hand do men's watches go on

What hand do men’s watches go on is an ongoing debate.

However, lately, it has been observed that people have made peace with it. The majority has decided to wear it at a specific arm. While the minority still exists and it opposes the other fellows. The style game is on and so are you.

Why watches are worn on the left hand has found the answer in logic as well as a tradition. What hand do men’s watches go on, is usually left? Nevertheless, it is not more than a style statement for many. Digging deeper into the question led to researches that justify wearing a watch in the left hand.

This is the time you decide yourself for which hand to go based on the following reasons

The beginning of making a style statement started with a pocket watch back in the 15th century. which wrist watchTraders or businessmen started to carry it around and everyone was stunned to see how aesthetic it was to bring out that beautiful watch and make an impression. Fast forward to the 17th century when watches introduced themselves as a style to carry around on the wrist. Gladly at that time, it was not made a norm and people worn it at whichever arm they want.

What hand does a watch go on for a man started to become a norm when the people in the higher authority showcased their preferences. It was then what hand does a watch go on for a man became more than just wearing it to know the time. It became a matter of impression and statement.

What hand do men’s watches go on?

Left! That’s it? End of the discussion, well it is not. It is just the beginning of stating why left? It all started by just following the tradition of the elderly. But the elderly must have thought of something to wear in the left hand.

Be that as it may, what wrist does a man wear a watch has not been made obligatory in any terms or conditions.

Is it the way it is?

As already described wearing wristwatches on the left has nothing to do with any instructions that come within the box of your wristwatch. But it is not the way it is!

watch left or right hand

There are plenty of men of trendsetter which differ on what hand do men’s watches go on. Wearing a watch on the right hand has become a norm but a minority of men exists who wear it on the right hand.  The arm you prefer has a much greater dependence on which one is your dominant hand than any other thing.

Dominant Hand

Wearing it on the left hand is suitable for right-handed men. This is for the fact that observing time from a watch on the left hand is quite easier while working. Though for people who have left-hand dominancy are observed wearing it in the right hand.

The Crown

why do guys wear watches on the left handThe crown of the wrist watches is the second major factor for answering what hand does men’s watches go on. Have you ever thought that wearing a watch on the right hand with its crown on the right side will become a much harder task than you can imagine?

wearing watch on right handAs an illustration, take a moment and wear a watch in the right hand and try to set the time or make any immediately required adjustments with the left hand. Yes, we have caught you struggling. This is the reason for which it is preferred to wear a watch on the left hand. This helps you to easily operate your watch in rush hours. Winding is also important and better to be done with the dominant hand. If you have an electric watch, you can learn how to wind it in the right way here.

Probability of Damage

Which place is more prone to damage the one which is exposed or the one which is hidden? The answer is obvious and now shifts the example to the dominant hand. The most used hand among the majority is the right hand. Wearing a watch on the right hand will welcome more damages to the watch then wearing it on the left hand.

People who have the right-hand dominant feel safe about their watches in the left hand and that has also been proven that watches on the left are safer than watches on the right.

Nevertheless, what hand do you wear a watch, is significantly dependent on the dominant hand? Therefore, the exception exists. Men who have left-hand dominant wear the watch on the right hand. The brands are also considering left-handed people. Tudor has manufactured watches that have a crown on the left side to assist the people with left-handed.


The most significant reason for wearing a watch on the left hand is because of the movement. Most smart watches have more than time and date to offer. Such as heart rate. Since we know that the position of the heart is on the left, it is suitable to wear the watch on the left hand. This helps in showing accurate results. If it comes to accuracy dive watches are no more behind, check this collection. 


What hand do men’s watches go on varies but the majority wears it on the left hand. However, it is neither mandatory nor frowned upon if you want to wear it in whichever wrist. Make sure to consider the above factor before deciding which wrist to go for.

For smart watches, it is recommended to wear them in the left hand to avoid any inaccuracy in the functions. It is you who is going to make the final decision. Not the norms but your convenience. 

Any men celebrity who wears a watch in the right hand?

Of and on celebrities have been clicked wearing watches in their right hand. Take the example of David Beckham, who was spotted wearing it in the right hand. In addition to that Indian celebrities, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh khan were also observed wearing the watch in the right hand.

Why ladies wear a watch on the right hand?

The major reason for women wearing a watch in the right-hand lies behind the significance of wearing it in the first place. Most of the women wear it to accommodate the necessity of wearing some accessories. The watch becomes the biggest source of looking elegant and drawing attention.

In the end, it is you who decides and none other can decide for you. Stay confident, your style statement is your game to play.


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