Do You Really Need a Watch Winder?

Hello, do you also belong to the mechanical watch world? If so, you would be familiar with the saying that, if you get a watch get a winder?

Many of you will be like, Ugh, we got one! But some of you might be looking for reasons to make a purchase. Now the funny thing here is, I do not suggest you get a winder. Yes, if you have to spend dollars, you will be mad at me. But I have all the facts, and I will make sure that you get the right concept.

Do not worry; if you are interested in spending money; I have multiple watch options for you; if you want to spend, then at least spend right.

Back to where we started a watch winder. Let me first describe what it is and then move to why it isn’t necessary.

Watch winder

A watch winder is a tool that helps to keep the watch wound. Yes, automatic watches work on its own, but what does it do when it is unworn for longer periods?

It stops! Particularly because we have kept it in the cupboard or whatsoever, and it is not getting the potential it needs to run.

Here come the winder’s purpose and an excessive craze for watches as this watch winder box will you to wind the watch whenever you want. In return, the watch keeps moving. Ta-da, the watch is never dead.

The Myth

Getting a winding box as soon as you purchase an automatic watch was a concept by the riches. However, the sooner it became a trend a people got obsessed with it. No doubt it was a pretty accessory, but it is above 100 dollars. Don’t you think you can have another watch at such a price?

watch winding case

Anyways, it was introduced in the market as a necessity because the makers presumed that if an automatic watch is left in the cupboard, it is essential to wind it at least.

Well, good point, but I will not wear it for another week; why would I wound it regularly?

The makers have just introduced you to a fun task, but mind that it is not fun but a liability. I can back this up; just stay with me.

For starters, I will be paying 100 dollars; then, I will wind it periodically to keep my watch wound. Hence I will spend time and money.

So why don’t I wound it every morning by myself?

The theory behind a watch winder

A watch winder makes the mainspring of an automatic watch keep moving. It is suggested that if an automatic watch has been kept unworn for longer periods, the lubricants will dry up.

In addition to that, it will result in your watch never work again, as the inside has been dried up and there is no more lubricant that would support the smooth movement.

However, the research shows that it is not the case, especially when it comes to lubricants. In fact, the inside of the watch will only dry after years but not because of unwinding.

Now we are clear on one aspect of the watch winder, but those who have got it will list down more advantages. Nevermind, I have been in the industry for the longest, and I also know the alternate ways.

What causes the watch to dry up?

The real reason for a watch dries time. With time the oil inside of the watch dries and damages it. Besides it, temperature plays a major role.

Only with time and temperature, the mainspring stops because of drying up. But not because of being unwound.

This is the fact that you need to acknowledge.

Benefits of the watch winder

The owners and makers of the winder are happy to share the benefits of these watch spinners. Remember, it is your choice, and I respect that it is mandatory to share the benefits stated by them.

automatic watches winderHowever, I will stick to it, that a watch winder is just spending extra money.

  • The first thing that the watch winder does is, wind the watch unnaturally. But it is good to wind it because in this way you do not have to set the time every time you wear it.

If you own an automatic watch, you would know that, whenever it is on, it requires you to set the date and time. As far as time is concerned, it is easy to do it.

  • Nevertheless, calendars are harder to deal with as it is not only time consuming but also very complicated. Hence, by using a watch rotator, you can avoid all of this.

However, we need to note here is again the point that we will spend dollars to avoid time spent on the watch.

  • Nonetheless, for a person who rarely owns a watch and who is not very concerned about his collection, a winder might be the answer. But for a watch lover, it will only enlarge the distance between him and his watch.

Let us talk about myself to get a better understanding. I love watches, have a collection of dive, skeleton, and automatic watches. And love to maintain them myself.

Why would I let the winder take hold, and I get distant from my watch. Well, this is about me; you are welcome to differ. If you want to learn it, then here is the guide to how to wind an automatic watch.

What to do instead of purchasing a watch winder?

Instead of spending money on the watch winder, it is best to get your watch serviced. Even so, a watch winder lover will suggest you purchase one and use it frequently, and your watch will last forever.

However, I want you to know that it is not the case. Because as we discussed earlier, the mainspring dries up because there is no oil left to support a smooth movement.

So an auto watch winder will not help you in that case. What it will do instead is that it will ruin the watch more quickly.

Yes, as there is no lubricant left inside, a winder will make the watch move forcefully. This enforcement will lead to internal damages, and the repair will cost you as much as a new watch.

Therefore, it is ideal that you get your watch serviced by a reputable or experienced watchman. Other than that, you can keep your watch away from harsh weather conditions.


Many watchmen like me and I do not recommend a watch winder. However, it is your choice. If you prefer convenience rather than spending time on the watch, you can go for it.

Besides that, if you are about to purchase this just because the makers have flattering details, then don’t. Because as said many times, it is not necessary; it just makes wearing an automatic watch easier.

On the other hand, do not go for low-quality winder, and do not think of the size as an advantage. Bulky winders are just headaches, and you are better off without them. Choose a sleeker one, and you are good to go.


Do I require a watch winder?

No, you don’t unless you plan to keep your watch in the cupboard for long, and you do not prefer to reset time and date. Other than that, a watch winder is just a luxury rather than a necessity.

I do not suggest you purchase one and spend dollars on a simple machine.

Is watch winder going to harm my watch?

A winder will help you keep your watch on and working when you do not wear it. It is not entirely bad for a watch, but it neither adds value to it.

However, it starts affecting the watch when it is more than 5 to 6 years old. It is because the lubricant inside starts to dry up.

Nonetheless, it makes the watch harder to move, and an auto-watch winder will make that happen. Ultimately, it causes more damage than expected.

Does the Rolex watch need a winder?

No, none of the brands requires a watch winder. Although Rolex is a little complicated to set time and date with the lovers like it, they love spending time on their watches.

If you do not belong to this category, then do not worry; you can get a winder to make it easier. However, it is not essential.

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a tool for automatic watches. It keeps the watch running regardless it is worn or not. In simple terms, if you do not wear your automatic watch for a longer period, you can use this winder to make it run.

However, there are various types of watch winders, and you get one according to your need. Always remember that it is not a necessity to own an automatic watch but a helping tool never to reset the time and date. There is DIY watch winder as well.

Will I damage my watch if I leave it unwound for a longer period?

No, a watch doesn’t get damaged because it is left unwound. You can keep your watch unwound for as long as you want.

To avoid damage, you can get it serviced it gest of 5 to 6 years old. Nevertheless, an unwound watch would require you to reset the date and time once you rewind it.

But this is where people use watch winder to ease the task for themselves. However, that is a costly way to have convenience.

What happens if I do not wear my Rolex?

If you do not wear your Rolex, it will stop working. It is because it is an automatic watch, and it has no batteries.

Therefore, when you wear it again, you would have to reset it accordingly. Nevertheless, it is super easy to get it started, as you only need to wind it using the crown or give it a little shake.

Do I need to wear an automatic watch daily?

Yes, if you have no other watch, then sure. But to keep it on, it is not necessary. Undoubtedly, the watch’s spring will die out gradually, but it doesn’t harm the watch.

Therefore, it is not essential to wear it every day. Just get it serviced when you realize that the lubricant is drying up.

Why are automatic watches considered better?

The reason that these watches are called better than the battery-operated watches is the fact that these are more durable and accurate.

A battery watch loses up to 5 seconds per year, too, if it is a quality watch. If not, it might lose up to 10 seconds per year and lose the accuracy it once promised to offer.

On the other hand, an automatic watch is always precise. One thing to debate here is that automatic watches are complicated, and it is true. However, these go a long way, and we all get used to it.

Why did my automatic watch lose time?

It is completely normal. An automatic watch works on the movement of your wrist. Hence, when you place it on a table or case, it may lose time or gradually stop.

To make it work again, you can wind it and wear it again. It is as good as new.

What does polish do to a watch?

Polishing a watch means removing the scratches from the bracelet, case, and glass. However, it further means that the polishing will reduce the metal a watch once used.

Nevertheless, it devalues your watch, as some prefer a vintage watch. On the other hand, the metal once removed during polishing can not be added back, which becomes a huge loss.

What are the tips to make my watch shine?

After some time, it is very common for a watch to get scratch, and it losses its shine. The best way to make it shine is to use a glass cleaner and wipe the watch with a soft cloth.

However, if the bracelet needs more cleaning, you can put it in the glass cleaner and wash it with a gentle brush.


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