Ultimate Vintage Seiko Price Guide

Seiko watches known for the higher quality and durability, is one of the most desired watch bands. The vintage collection of these watches has also made a trend in the life of the wearer.

As time is passing by, it will not be wrong to say that the wish for having a vintage Seiko has been rising tremendously.

 However, the admirers are struggling with the vintage Seiko watch price guide.  

In this article, a complete guide on vintage Seiko will be addressed. Alongside that vintage Seiko watch price guide will be elaborated.

Seiko Background

To answer that let us take you back to early 1881 when in Japan the evolution of timepiece started. Seiko brand started with the making of pocket watches, then wall clocks, and later wristwatches.

 Not once in the span of all these years, did this brand lose the quality it promised! 

Why Seiko?

Before jumping to vintage Seiko watch price guide, spare some time to see why Seiko in the first place? What is so good about this watch that people are getting vintage Seiko at auctions?

The major reason is the quality of this brand.

No matter what the price is, be it cheaper or expensive every watch contains the quality. This is what is keeping the name of the brand alive!

Vintage Seiko’s watch price guide will come only when the watch is worth buying even being old. This is because of the Sapphire glass.

The use of sapphire glass keeps the watch safe from the scratches.

With this, even the watch is more than 20 years old people still buy and wear them. Seiko offers a wide range of watches. There are mechanical as well as smartwatches.

Nevertheless, each watch uses Japanese quartz which helps in the smooth movement in the dial.

Gradually with knowing these characteristics you will understand the vintage Seiko watch price guide. Amazing designs add to the charm of Seiko watches. Wondering that the designs of the 70s or 80s will not go today? I am afraid I have to deny that. But I am not ashamed of my choices. Even if you will look at the designs you will figure it out yourself.

Seiko watches never run out of the trend.

Best sporty watches are made by Seiko. In the collection, you may want to see the vintage Seiko watch price guide that will be best for the sports. Seiko’s brand is most known for its amazing sporty watches. The watches are water-resistant and give them a competitive edge.

Why a Vintage Seiko?

vintage Seiko price guide

The major reasons for buying a vintage Seiko are either you are a watch collector, likes the design, or expects that the old models have higher efficiency.

For instance, if you like to collect watches you may feel that the price is fair for a vintage watch.

If you like the design you may fall for the offered price. However, if you believe that old models were super amazing you will just have a vintage watch.

To clear the doubts a complete vintage Seiko watch price guide will be given. Though it is suggested that never get fooled for the quality or efficiency. Seiko is one of the brands which has only risen the quality and efficiency but never deteriorated it.

Vintage Seiko Watch Price Guide

Generally, Seiko vintage watch will cost you around $125 even with some extra services if needed. However, if you buy in 2022 a Seiko watches you may have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the simplest one. The vintage Seiko has some extraordinary charisma that keeps the buyers look for it.

Vintage Seiko’s watch price guide starts at cheaper rates. Whenever going on the auction or buying from a retailer you must look at the watch in parts and then as a whole.

On what vintage Seiko watch price guide depends on!

The price of the vintage as mentioned above is the same in most cases. However, it may fluctuate depending upon the condition of the watch.

Crown of Vintage Seiko

Seiko had produced distinguished features in its crown. The crown was free from the rules of clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. This means that you can turn the crown in either direction to wind your watch.

hand wound crown of Seiko

However, in the oldest models of the watch, the crown didn’t play much of a role. The reason was that the Vintage Seiko can not be hand-wound.

With Vintage Seiko watch price guide, it is suggested that buy the watch regardless of considering the crown. However, if you need to wind the watch, you can learn it  here .

Crystals on Vintage Watch

Seiko has used crystals in its old models. Nevertheless, some models may come off to you in appearance. For the fact that old people didn’t care about the outer beauty of the watch, but how great it was at work.

Top vintage Seiko

Under the Vintage Seiko watch price guide, it is suggested that overlook the appearance of the watch and see how amazingly the quartz work. Some of the vintage Seiko’s have never been through repair.


Not all the vintage Seiko were water-resistant. However, they could be under a moisture environment and still work wonders. But the body, because of the humidity, got some rust.

Considering the vintage Seiko watch price guide, pay the amount but consider the charges of getting a service of your watch.

Seiko under water

Check out the other best dive watches  here .


Seiko is undoubtedly great. However, if you are not a fan of rough straps of rusty dials you may forget about Vintage Seiko. Nevertheless, if you are impressed by the working of the watch even after so many years, you can consider replacing the straps and also getting your watch services.

Vintage Seiko watch price guide is as simple as described above. It all depends on either how passionate you are about the vintage watches or how impressed you are of their reliability.


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