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paul newman's watch

All of you must have heard that time is money, so go and buy Rolex. Your Rolex watch doesn’t only tell you time but describes your determination, class, and success level.

Having a “Rolex isn’t something that represents your success because every year Rolex launches a brand new more expensive watch for which one has to pay in millions. It’s strategic and well-studied research that people often use the Rolex watch and a brand new car to show status, desirability, taste, and wealth openly”.

Every Hollywood movie urges a desire in a girl who starts dreaming of a king having a crown on his wristwatch, dashing personality, charming and twinkling eyes, an expensive car, a big house where he lets her live like a queen.

In spite of all these mythologies, till yet, no brand can develop a watch that can win the hearts of billions folks. People who get involved in buying Rolex once in life can’t get gratifications on any other brand.

Let’s begin a journey to explore   the most expensive Rolex watch   in the world:

Paul Newman’s Rolex — €14.8 Million

  Paul Newman’s Rolex    is related to Rolex Cosmograph Daytona which is a mechanical wristwatch designed to encounter the urging demands of race drivers. The history behind its development is to provide facilities to race drivers so that they can measure time and calculate the average speed.

Now let heed to its title.   Why does its name contain Paul Newman’s word?   What history has been associated with it? Does this name make it a worthy and expensive watch? To chase answers of all these quoted questions you have to read below-given point:

Paul Newman’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Generations

Racing flourished as much as it could in the early 20s. Rolex presented the first series of the most expensive Rolex watch in the world in 1963 with an announcement of its upcoming generations. Very first series was purely hand-wound.

With the time span, its second series was brought to market by Rolex in 1988. The second series had been seen with some minor cosmetic changes like self-winding movement instead of hand-wound. Similarly, the third series didn’t take much time and was available to vendors in 2000.

world's expensive watch

Its first series contained Paul Newman’s watch that had made the world’s best and expensive record of being sold ever in 2017.

An American CEO’s words

CEO of Ananlog shift, Geoff Hess stated about it in such words:

It’s only a watch for those who are concerned with time, but feelings, love, and care make it a watch beyond the world’s watch borders. Only those guys get involved in it who love and admire motorsports along with true love. It appeals to those who have an addiction to Hollywood mementos. In fact, it promotes the American history community.

History of the Most expensive Rolex watch

Paul Newman’s Cosmograph Daytona Listed above all expensive Rolex watches in the world. The iconic wristwatch has stood out as one of the splendid and outclass masterpieces. Every eye who has merely seen it is ready to consume all of his savings in order to have a crown around the wrist.

  It broke a record of $17, 752,500  .

Coming towards the story behind its worth is a story of two love birds who were afraid of losing each other. Paul Newman was a professional motor racer who has been seen in lots of car racing sports. His wife, Joanne Woodward, was worried about him getting into a severe accident because of his craziness and madness for motor racing.

[paul newman's watch history

She couldn’t stay with him all the time so she decided to give him a feeling of being with him every time.

She made him feel like she’s with him and watching how speedily he is driving without caring about himself. She gifted him a watch and engraved the watch’s case-back with   “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME” = Caring & Humorous Gesture  .

He used to wear a watch consistently while pursuing his racing career. So, whenever he tried to Overspeed the motor his eyes caught the words which reminded him about a poor little soul who would be waiting for him at dinner and thriving to have him back safely. With such thoughts, he slowed down the motor.

Years later, he presented his watch to his daughter’s boyfriend just because he didn’t have a watch in 2017.


Rolex remains the top-class brand ever for luxurious and classy wristwatches well-known due to the top-notch material, flexible band, reliable performance, and distinctive unique design – and of course high prices too. Have a look at celebrities, watch collectors, and models who have been addicted to Rolex whatever the series is.

So, if you’re curious to know which Rolex watch has been the most expensive ever and why someone agreed to consume 7-figure sums, scroll up and read about the history, features, and everything that had come into your mind!


Q1. Does expensive Rolex watch make up of diamonds?
No, expensiveness doesn’t indicate that Rolex is made up of antique stones or pure gold. Instead of all, Rolex points out the care level, humor, and emotions.

Q2. How can I remove scratches from my Rolex?
It is the most common question on every Rolex website. No doubt scratches can be removed but make sure to get services from the official Rolex service center.

Q3. Which Rolex watch holds the value best?
If we talk generally, people love to have a steel Rolex sports watch which is a more appreciated watch of Rolex. It is made up of Cosmograph Daytona, GMT-Master II with famous two-colored bezel and ever-popular submariner 16610.

Q4. Is it worth buying a pre-owned Rolex watch?
The major benefit of having a used Rolex watch is less price. Rolex watches retain their values even after use. so, the price factor will be significantly low as compared to the brand new Rolex watch.

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