Why is Seiko a Good Watch Brand?

is Seiko a good watch brand

Japan has surely created its mark on the world with the manufacturing of watches under the Seiko brand. It is quite easy to answer is Seiko a good watch brand or not, considering the meaning of Seiko as truth.

The journey of Seiko started in early 1881. From that day to this the brand has not once compromised on its products. Never have they ever delivered anything other than what they have promised. This article is dedicated to the production of amazing Seiko watch designs with deep elaboration. 

If you have made your mind to purchase Seiko or you are just roaming the internet to know more about this brand or simply you are curious is Seiko a good watch brand, we got you covered.

The origin that guarantees Quality

Most of the time the manufacturing place of a product speaks for itself. As for Seiko, the watches are made in China, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, the watches which are much more luxurious or need more attention and concentration than another watch such as Grand Seiko are made in Japan.

Is Seiko a good watch brand

It is time to know Seiko more than the background and the manufacturing places. Now let us drive you through the characteristic of Seiko for which it is known as one of the best watch brands.

Higher Quality

Seiko has never compromised on its quality. The watches made under Seiko are purely a work of metals such as Titanium. With this, the Seiko brand watches never lose their color.

In addition to this, the Titanium makes the watch less light than many other presents in the market. Even the brand itself has made sure that the answer to is Seiko a good watch brand remains yes!

Scratch Free

Unless deliberate damage has been made the Seiko watch remains scratch-free. This is made possible with the use of Sapphire. Now the sapphire protects the dial from getting any scratch.

Therefore all you need is to protect your watch from deliberate damage and there you go with a durable watch that will last years.

Sapphire Seiko

Japanese Quartz

Is Seiko a good watch brand? You can get the answer right away. Seiko doesn’t differentiate in its manual or automatic watches. All the watches are made with superior material.

With the Japanese quartz, Seiko watches be ith highly-priced or low prices gives a feel of a luxury watch. In addition to the Japanese quartz, and spring drive it does not have any sluggish movement.

Water Resistance

The most admired feature of Seiko is its ability to resist water. This feature adds to the answer of is Seiko a good watch brand. The capability of resisting water varies from model to model. If you feel that there are plenty of chances where you watch will get wet, you can read the description thoroughly before making the purchase.

water resistant Seiko

Reviewing some of the top Seiko Watches and Why are they famous

Since the top characteristics of the Seiko watches have been discussed above. It is time to see do the watches endure the features or not. This is the real-time to answer is Seiko a good watch brand or not.

Propex Collection by Seiko defines is Seiko a good watch brand

Seiko has amazed the admirers by producing dive watches. These watches can withstand 300 meters of water.

If the question arises is Seiko a good watch brand for a sportsman? The answer is definitely yes. Not only the sporty design but also the capacity to resist water adds to its charms.

Propex Seiko watch

To read more about dive watches and an ultimate guide, you can look at our article. 

Persage Collection by Seiko defines is Seiko a good watch brand

The ultimate use of Sapphire to reduce the chances of scratches this collection has risen the bars to another high level. The dial is not only scratch-free but also has a pressed pattern. Look at the detailed designs here.

Persage Seiko collection

Solar Collection by Seiko defines is Seiko a good watch brand

Seiko has the ultimate collection that guarantees quality. Most people know Seiko a brand by Japan who produces sports watches. However, Seiko has also made its mark in the hearts of the customers with this amazing collection of dress watches. These watches have specified designs for women.


Nevertheless, we have some amazing collection of men’s dress watches, in case you are looking for designs that will look good on the arm of a man.

Seiko 5 collection defines is Seiko a good watch brand

Does money define the quality of the product as higher or lower? In most cases yes and from the perspective of a common man definitely yes. But the case of Seiko is different.

Seiko has made watches that cost you just $100, but the quality is up to the mark. The durability of the Seiko 5 collection watches is the same as of watches that cost $1000.

sporty Seiko watch collection

Undoubtedly, a Seiko watch costing $1000 has some extra features. But quality is never compromised.


Is Seiko a good watch brand? Well yes, Seiko is a good watch brand. This Japanese brand is known for never compromising quality. From the minor details, a watch compromises; not visible to the naked eye, to the outer body of the watch. Everything is made with great finishing.

It is scratch-free, doesn’t lose color, the movement is kinetic, water-resistant, and price worth the product.


Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Seiko itself is not a luxury brand. However, the styles are luxurious. In addition to that, they have added GS as a completely separate brand which is a luxury brand.

Why is Seiko 5 so cheap?

Seiko 5 is much cheaper than other collections for the reason of the tools used in the watch. It is recommended not to judge the quality by considering the price of Seiko.

Is Seiko or citizen better?

Seiko is a mechanical automatic watch that operates with the help of the movements done by the wearer. On the contrary, Citizen is Japanese quartz. It is subjective to the user, whichever they prefer.


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