Facts On Invicta Brand; Good or Bad

is Invicta a good watch brand

Invicta watches have come a long way. As the literal meaning says “undefeated”, became the perspective of the company. However, a question still roam the internet more frequently than before that is Invicta a good watch brand?

To answer that we have made sure to cover every aspect possible. This will not only make things clear about is Invicta a good watch brand but will also help you if you are thinking of making the purchase.

 What person really considers when thinking of a new purchase? 

Quality, reliability, durability, and money! Most likely you will consider the same when answering is

Invicta a good watch brand? If you look for something more comment below so we consider another angle too.

Much cheaper Watch

To label is Invicta a good watch brand or not let’s start from the pricing of the watches. Invicta watches offer plenty of price ranges to accommodate customers.

However, it is considered one of the cheapest brands

Though the collection offered by Invicta is numerous the prices are not very high. Which makes it an easier choice when the buyer wants to go easy on his pockets. Moreover, the price has some connection to the quality, reliability, and other attributes that the buyer is considering while making the purchase. This will be discussed in detail below.

Higher prices comparison

Now that we declared that Invicta is much cheaper than other brands but there is still something that needs to be revealed. Invicta has been selling watches at much cheaper rates than Rolex.

 Why compare it with Rolex? 

The comparison is solely done for the purpose of the common element Tritium. Rolex uses it a radioactive material which Invicta only uses a luminous paint on the dial and call it Tritnite. 

is invicta a luxury brand

Real Swiss Watches; another delusion

Is Invicta a good watch brand? Well, that depends on how much true are they to their buyers or consumers! If this is the factor, then let’s focus on their claimed Swiss watches.

 For Invicta 1990 was the end of making traditional Swiss watches. 

If you have bought a watch and reading this article we may suggest you have a look at your watch once again, there is a chance that it is a replica of famous brands.

Check out the real swiss watches here, under your budget.

Fooling the Uninformed

Is Invicta a good watch brand or not, is a secondary question to what we are disclosing to you. Is fooling a first-time watch buyer justifiable or not? It surely isn’t.

However, Invicta has gained a bad reputation for the fact that they sell the watch with additional MSRP.

What a first-time buyer wants other than having a deal on his watch. Nevertheless, it is very much disliked by the people who already know the tactics.


Quality of Invicta watch brand is quiet a widespread topic. If we talk about the quality and on the answer decide is Invicta a good watch brand you may get confused.

There are two pictures of the quality of Invicta. We will describe the two and will leave the judgment on you.

Good Quality

If I stalk on the internet and find reviews of the people using the Invicta brand we will get the answer that the quality is good. The reason that supports the answer is that for such price the quality is fine.

For instance, for a $150 watch, you will compromise on the finishing of the product. The ultimate feeling will be of satisfaction with the quality of the watch.

Poor Quality

However, for every watch that Invicta has on the internet and for every watch that has been reviewed there are always 5-10% customers who have given bad reviews. Usually, in the Likert Scale of 1 to 5, 5 to 10% of customers have given either 1 or 2.

When we dig deeper into the reviews to find out why is that, Quality topped the bad reviewing of the product.

For instance, a watch worth $500 is not supposed to delivered broken. 

Well, we can still argue that this could have happened during the delivery.

is Seiko better than Invicta

The support team and Warranty Issues

Last but the problems that cause you more damage than any other thing about the watch. Is Invicta a good watch brand or not is yours to decide. However, as our duty, we will make things clear for you.

If you get the warranty then you must know it is not for the crown, strap, or battery. Moreover, if talking about customer service, you will be the one lucky customer if you got any reply.

With all the bad how do, they manage to survive?

To be honest, Invicta is not just surviving but also generating great profits. With all the bad, there is still some good! The quality matches the price. Other than that it offers beautiful designs. Invicta has made sure that they beat everyone in the hardware of the watches they produce.


With all the above factors, it is now your choice to make is Invicta a good brand or not? The major reasons for the fallen reputation of Invicta have been mentioned clearly. If you do a product with exceptional features and have money to spend on there are plenty of other brands in the market. However, if you want to save money and yet want to get a watch that offers good hardware Invicta is good to go with.


Is Invicta a luxury brand?

Invicta is not a luxury brand. Nevertheless, the replicas made by Invicta may make people think that they are a luxurious brand.

Is Seiko better than Invicta?

The two brands offer quite a different range of watches. If you want a support wear it is Seiko is better, but if you want a designer watch that goes with your dress Invicta is better.


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