A Complete Guide on Winding an Automatic Watch

Buying an automatic watch is a total of your choice.

You are at the liberty to go for any brand or watch with any level of complexity. However, an automatic watch is quite different from other regular watches. Winding an automatic watch is a concern and needs you to focus on the right details. Hello watch owners, this is all the place you want to be if you are thinking of buying an automatic watch or you have bought one.

Learning how to wind an automatic watch is not difficult. Most automatic watches are known as the self-winding watch depicting that it doesn’t need to be wind. However, that requires you to wear your watch 24/7. But you can wind your watch all by yourself, manually, with the help of the crown.

It is quite assumable that if you have bought the watch you must be wearing it right now. Well, no problem! Most of us in 2022 is going to study online and work from home. Nothing bad in wearing the watch. But if you are solely wearing it because you are worried that it will be unwound after some hours you are worried about the wrong thing.

You have come to the right place, let us walk you through a complete guide on:

Yes, you read it right. Here the biggest misconception will come to an end that the electronic watches can not be wind manually. There is absolutely no need for wearing it all the time just for the sake of keeping it wind.

Directions on How to Wind an Automatic Watch the Easiest Way

Once you get familiar with an automatic watch it will be much easier winding an automatic watch. Do you know this fact that automatic watches have a weight inside them that helps them to operate and showcase the time and other specifications on it?

Follow the steps to learn how to wind an automatic watch by wearing it

  • Wear
  • Move
  • Adjustment

Only 3 steps and your watch is there to help you to figure out the time or explore the mini second you are living in. The fun part, you will no longer be lost in the counting of years after you wake up.

We do not want you to wander in the vicious cycle of these 3 steps. Of course, you are wearing it, moving it, and making adjustments but it suddenly blacks out. This is all because you are doing something incorrectly. Come on, time to dig a little deeper in the ways of winding automatic watches.

There is a very less chance of wearing the watch in any wrong way. We are familiar with the generic rules of wearing a watch. However, special attention is required to pay on the way your movements that help in winding an automatic watch.

Do not shake your hand. This is recommended to never shake your hand while wearing an automatic watch. It has the tendency to damage the gear inside the machinery. This will in return affect the lifespan of the watch. You have to do gentle movements f your wrist in order to help your watch wind.

Once your watch is on, you can make the adjustments accordingly. Watches that only show time and date are easier to adjust than complex watches which includes the region and continents. You can look for amazing watches suited for your need right here.

Undoubtedly, there can be times when your watch is not on your hand for hours and this brings a lot of questions. 

  • Is it fine to leave a watch in the cupboard?
  • Will my watch be safe if not worn for more than 48 hours?
  • Does the accuracy of the watch affect after leaving for more than 2 days?

These are the most questions we came across and this time you will learn how to deal with situations when the watch is not in use.

How to wind an automatic watch manually

First of all the biggest misconception came to an end. winding an automatic watch can be done with the help of the crown. Next, if you did not know it beforehand, which is fine, we will help you out in this regard.

Make sure you are familiar with the crown of your watch. Observe it and figure it out does it require to be unscrewed for winding automatic watches or not.

  • Positioning of Crown

First thing first brings the crown to position 0. This is mandatory. In order to keep your watch from damaging the mainspring, you must bring it to zero. how to wind a self winding watch

  • Direction to Rotate in

This is the time to rotate the crown. Make sure that you are certain about rotating the crown in a clockwise direction. Being on the outside, it looks fine to make the rotation in any direction. But this is a serious concern considering the inner mechanic of the watch.

  • How many times you should Rotate

Rotate the crown on clockwise for about 30 to 40 times. It varies from one watch to another. Therefore, you need not worry about it. The watch will not wound any further once it has reached maximum winding.manually winding automatic watch

This brings us to the end of another misconception that an automatic watch can be overwound. 

  • Push Back the Crown

This step is not to forget and is obligatory to doAlways make sure that you have pulled the crown back in. Why so much emphasis on this step? Because this helps in the keeping of the accuracy. The watch, if the crown left opened, will show inaccuracy. The time and other specifications will switch from time to time and serious damage can be caused to your watch.

Made Easier For Beginners

We understand the hassle of adjusting an automated watch. However, nothing is impossible nor difficult. Do not believe, watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Here is a complete guide on How you can wind your watch in easily. If you are new to the world the automatic watch collection, feel ease, and get started. 

In the above steps, you have learned how to wind an automatic watch in a much easier and detailed way.

And a whole collection of them are waiting for you,  check  out  these .

Be it Dive, Simple, Mechanical yet Aesthetic you have got the potential to pull it off.

Nonetheless, if you are searching for another time-saving way to wind the watch we have got that for you too.

If you are ready to spend some money, watch winders are in the market to help you out. The price varies from brand to brand and you can get the winder that is best suited for your requirement. The product description says it all.

Guide on purchasing the winder to help you in how to wind an automatic watch

The choice of winder undividedly depends on your requirements of usage. You have to consider the watches that you want to wind with the help of the gadget.

You have to consider the budget. Quality is mandatory and if you have a collection of watches you should know that the price will be higher as well to accommodate the needs.

 Last but not least, set the direction of the winder to avoid any damage. 


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