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Rolex unarguably doesn’t tell time only but describes a history – history of a sportsman who was diligent and hard worker.  He used to wear Rolex all the time to memorize the words that had been engraved at the backside of the watch “Drive Slowly” by his wife.

How many times have we asked our friends and colleagues to suggest a watch that we can be gifted to one whom we love most? They all probably answer us Rolex every time. No doubt, Rolex is a well-known luxurious watch company.

Not everyone can afford the Rolex taste due to its expensiveness and classy nature. A person who becomes habitual of Rolex can’t switch to another brand easily.

 If you’ve brought Rolex but don’t know how to set time on Rolex, then this guide is definitely for you. ? 

This guide will make sure to teach you how to set time on Rolex and keep your watch ticking.  Before placing an order, go through the content thoroughly.

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How to wind Quartz Rolex watch?

As described above, Rolex watches come in two different versions mechanically and battery-powered. The benefit of having quartz is you don’t need to set the time manually but it continues to tick.

Quartz means a battery-powered watch and when the battery runs out of energy then the watch stops working and you need to change the battery.

How to wind Mechanical Rolex watch?

The technical and most important part of the Rolex watch is movement. Mechanical watches should be winded on a regular basis. Winding doesn’t only ensure its ticking but also looks after the watch.

When to set Rolex

We all look at our watches from time to time in a day. When we noticed that its needles have stopped moving we should set its time immediately. Usually, all other luxurious watches require time setting twice a year when the clock changes its savings time.

All Rolex watches are familiar due to its crown sign but it doesn’t mean that all crown watches have the same time and date setting functionality. Some crowns need to be moved in clockwise while some watches must be turned counterclockwise.

How to set time on Rolex

Sometimes winding a Rolex watch becomes tricky for those who aren’t familiar with its functionality and experience the first time. Setting the time on Rolex is easy because it doesn’t involve date instructions.  Follow instructions according to the age of your watch and let us know where you got stuck. 

    1. First of all, like all other watches, unscrew the circular dial from one side of the Rolex which is nominated as a crown. Its motion will be counterclockwise.
    2. After successfully unscrewing, put the screw all the way out. Rolexes mostly composed of 2-3 different crowns positions that control different elements and their motion. All three portions with their task description are described below:
    3. Initial Winding and Setting positions       

The first position winds the Rolex watch

The second position allowing the user to change the date and time

The third position is used to change time in hour and minutes.

If you want to set time only, your concern is with the second option. Play with it wisely!


  1. Start rotating the second option clockwise until and unless you get the correct time display.
  2. Similarly, if you want to adjust the date then slightly push the crown until it reaches the desired position and starts rotating clockwise.
  3. After adjusting both time and date place crown at the initial position which is the base position of the Rolex watch. Tighten the screws so that it can’t fall down with sudden or slights jerks.

The above-described method is a general method for setting the time on Rolex but there are some watches that don’t have date functionality. So, all those watches follow a few different procedures. Let’s have a look at the concept of date and no-date luxury watches first.

How to set Time on no-date Rolex

Rolex models that only display time are submariner and Oyster Perpetual etc. users find them easy and quick to use.

  1. To screw the crow back against the case, move it to position 1 and gently apply pressure over it to move it in a clockwise direction.

no-date 1

2. When you pull out the crown the second hand will stop working, this is the point when you’ve to adjust the time. Rotate the crown and rotate the screw back into the place.

no-date 2


Rolex has a broad background which will be discussed another time except for necessary information that a customer wants this time. Rolex has made battery-powered as well as mechanical automatic watches. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rolex majorly has contributed to producing mechanical watches.

The above Rolex guide demonstrates the easiest and quickest ways to set time on Rolex. If you couldn’t set time contact our support team.


Q1. How do you change time on Rolex Datejust?

A man learns quickly from a video. So if you’re looking for how-to adjust the time on your Rolex simply follow a video posted by Watch chest. they have explained each and every step with more clear and understandable instructions.

Go through the video:

Q2. How do I set a day on my Rolex watch?

A rule of thumb we always want to set time, day, and date to the day before today. so, on most watches these steps work perfectly:

  1. Pull the crown all the way out
  2. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction to change the day.
  3. Set the day and screw the crown tightly back to its position.

Q3. What are three dials on Rolex watch for?

Time and date adjustment is the task of playing with dials embedded in three different positions.

Three dials are used to register time elapsed. Its positions can vary based on the manufacturer and watch generation. Focusing on the title, the second position is also called a minute or hour dial.



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