How to Clean a Rolex Thoroughly

how to clean a rolex

Rolex a renowned brand of watches has made a promise to serve the customers with a service that not only ensures quality but also distinguishes it from the other brands in the market.

However, in a world where the pollution rate has been getting higher and higher the need to learn how to clean a Rolex has become essential. 

Undoubtedly, Rolex doesn’t only make the sale of the watch. But it is also available to buyers or potential buyers to answer any query to resolve any problem. However, it is preferred that by users that why bother going on a store for mere cleaning.

 Is there any way to know how to clean a Rolex at home? 

We are here to accommodate you in the learning of cleaning your watch step by step without causing it any damage.

How to clean a Rolex

The essentials for cleaning a Rolex are first you have to stay calm and not rush the tools or anything.

The next thing you need to do is observe. Yes, observe the amount of dirt on your watch. Make sure to examine the watch from all angles. Hence to see from below and above and to check the strap as well.

Sometimes only one part of your watch needs cleaning because it is more exposed to dust. 

For instance, the dial of your watch will be receiving more dirt or scratches, than the other side of the watch. To understand how a watch gets damaged, read this article.

But the strap of the watch that covers the wrist is exposed to sweat. So it all depends on the watch which needs more clean on which part of the watch

Now that we have examined the watch from all sides, it is time to decide which technique will be sufficient to clean your watch.

 Will a cloth do the cleaning, or water will be needed? 

And if the watch was exposed to more dirt you may need a soapy mixture to clean the watch

How to clean a Rolex is quite easy, all you need is to be familiar with your watch. The most question asked about how to clean a Rolex revolves around is if the water is safe for the watch?

If you are a regular buyer of Rolex watch you know it depends on the model you have bought. However, if it is your first watch and you are struggling with how to clean a Rolex or you are figuring out once I buy the watch will I be able to learn how to clean a Rolex at home? Or you are just helping some else? Or least you are just curious like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Water is alright for your Rolex. Some model supports water of 100 meters but some have the capacity to go fine even in the water of 1200 meters.

How to Clean a Rolex; Easy Steps:

Rolex cleaning

Prepare the mixture

Water could do the cleaning. Nonetheless, you can prepare a soapy mixture for the cleaning. For this mixture, you need a bowl. Put half cup water in this bowl and either add hand wash, body wash, or simple soap to create a soapy mixture.

Grab your watch

Start by grabbing the watch. You must know that Rolex watches need mush higher attention to avoid the scratches than any other watch.

Screw down the crown

How to clean a Rolex requires you to understand the functioning as well. Your oyster watch is manufactured in a way that it prevents itself from all the dirt or water.

Since you are about to clean your watch you must screw it down. This is a mandatory step. It is to prevent the soapy mixture from going inside. Screw down the crown as much as possible, until no turning is further possible.

Outer Cleaning

Take a piece of cloth in one hand and dip it in the soapy mixture. Make sure to remove any access water. Now start cleaning the strap of the watch.

Make sure to change the cloth if it has gotten too much dirt. How to clean a Rolex requires you to be patient as well. Slowly clean the dial of the watch and later the back of the watch.

Additional Step

Though cleaning the watch is enough with a cloth. But if you will that there are still some dirt particles left and it is difficult to remove it you can use a brush. Yes but make sure you rub the brush gently. You can scratch your watch if done briskly.

Final cleaning

Last but one of the important steps is to remove all the soap from the watch once the cleaning is done. How to clean a Rolex? Wash it!

Put your watch under lukewarm water to remove the remaining dust and the soapy mixture. Make sure that none of the soap is left on the watch.

Dry your watch!

It is time to dry your watch. You can place your watch under a fan or clean it with fiber.

With all the above steps followed you get a watch that is not only clean but also spots free.

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Does Rolex scratch easily?

Rolex has made watches with higher quality. However, the material used can only get scratched when used roughly. Do not worry your watch will not get scratches with day to day use.

How much does it cost to clean a Rolex watch?

If you are going to a professional for cleaning, you can expect the charges between $300 to $500.

How often should I clean my Rolex?

Cleaning a Rolex depends on every person’s use. It is recommended to clean your watch at least every two weeks. Now that you have cleaned your watch thoroughly, there might be a need to wind it. Check the complete guide on winding your watch here.


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