Celebrities Who Wear Watch in Right Hand

Although there is a thing, not so much as a rule, men wear watches in the left hand whereas women wear watches in the right hand. However, it is just how it is; there are not many facts that support this rule.

But who doesn’t like to stand out? Well, it is not just about being unique but about comfort. Hence, many men celebrities are seen wearing watches in the right hand and women in the left. After all, it is all about personal preferences.

Celebrities Who Wear Watch in Right Hand

Today, let’s break this stereotype again by reviewing celebrities who wear watches on their right hand.


wearing watch in right hand famous personalities Who doesn’t know this American rapper? There is a very rare chance you don’t, but there is a fair chance you didn’t notice that he wears his watch in the right hand.

It is also said that celebrities who wear a watch in the right hand are left hand dominant; it might be the case here as he usually holds the mic in his left hand.

Nevertheless, it is not always the rule. As said before, there is no rule or guideline to follow when choosing the hand you want to wear the watch.

Robert Redford

watch on leftAlthough most celebrities wore their watches in the right hand before the 80s, many of them shifted to the left hand. But that is not the case with Robert Redford.

He had been wearing the watch in the right hand from the beginning. And here, that case of hand dominancy disappears as this movie star, director, and activist is right-hand dominant.

Besides that, let us not deny that he looks super cute; yes, he is retired, but he is classy.

Scarlett Johansson

marvel watchOh, two seconds, a fan moment here. Yes, back to stating the facts, this highest-paid actress of 2018 and 2019 wears a watch in her right hand.

Let us not debate that women wear watches in the right hand because many celebrities do not wear watches in their right hands.

Anyways, she gained many fans after her Marvel movies, but she had been previously famous for her singing and acting abilities. Right now, we are focusing on the watch and see her picture.

She totally owns the style game and that smile of confidence.

Savannah Guthrie

watch inleftLet’s be honest how many of you watch NBC? Do not answer me, think because if you don’t, it is high time you should start watching it.

This is where all the fashion trends, classy apparels, and attractive celebrities are. Savannah Guthrie is a podcast journalist and wears her watch in the right hand.

Nonetheless, if you want to follow someone, she is an inspiration, and you need to check her achievements. She is super confident, right-hand dominant, and wears a watch in the right hand.

David Beckham

Any football fan here? No? Movies then? Or at least a fan of Peaky Blinders because this star has got it all right, even his watch in the right hand.

Also, he very much focuses on his tattoo and his watch to complement each other. It means that in all those different tattoos, a watch never looks odd.

Although there is no importance of a dominant hand in football, Beckham is one of those famous personalities who wear a watch on their right hand.

Also, when he endorses a watch, you will see it mostly in his right hand. That means that he doesn’t compromise on his choices.

Shah Rukh Khan

The chocolatey romantic hero of Bollywood is winning girls over with his looks and watch collection that he wears in his right hand.

shah rukh khan watchShah Rukh Khan has been in the industry for years and has fans all over the world. The facts state that people worship him in some parts of India; this is the extent to which they love him.

Therefore, his fans are not seeing wearing a watch in the left hand. Remember, there is no right and wrong hand when it comes to wearing a watch. But it depends, and for fans, celebrities wearing a watch on the right hand is enough.

There are multiple watches, and you can go for this, where we have all the collection.

John Cleese

Nearly Headless Nick, if you do not get it, it is time to rewatch all-time favorite Harry Potter series. If you need confirmation of celebrities who wear the watch on the right hand, you need to stop your research.

After seeing him in multiple interviews and functions, the fans immediately noted that he wears the watch in the right hand.

This is fair for the fans as they love him to be in movies or TV shows. A fan stated that he previously wore his watch on the right hand but not anymore. Well, who are we to ask? I would have done the same thing.

Sacha Baron Cohen

celebrities wearing watch on right hand

No one takes a comedian seriously, but he is what most men go for when it comes to trends and fashion following.

Besides the impressive looks, he has also set out a line for celebrities who wear watches in the right hand. The first time fans noted it was at a show, ever since then, people who went to his shows wore watches in the right hand.

Look at his fine image and see if there is anything odd? Nothing, not even the watch in his right hand. This is the thing about wearing a watch in either hand that you can pull off.

Rithick Roshan

If you do not know him for his acting performances in Bollywood, you would know him for his exceptional dance performances.

Today, you know him as one of those celebrities who wear a watch in his right hand and rock the look. He is also considered a very different celebrity in the Bollywood industry, and now this is one of the other reasons for his uniqueness.

You can also check out here who wears a watch in the left-hand.


It is very common that we love and follow celebrities. The same is when it comes to the watch, as celebrities wearing the watch on the right hand have become a fashion statement.

Nonetheless, if you just wanted to increase your knowledge about celebrities who wear a watch in the right hand, this was. But if you want to follow it, then do not worry and go for it.

You might look different in a crowd, especially if you are male, because most wear watch on the left hand. Now that you know of a list of the celebrities, you can back-up your choices.


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