Biden’s watch 【Pricy or Not? You Decide!】

We all know Joe Biden as he is the current president of America. But we, the watch lovers, know him for much more than that. Yes, the Biden watch.

Although, the presidents of America have always been famous because of their watch collection. As in my other article, I have listed the watches Trump wore because I see nothing but the watches in the ceremony.

The thing about Biden watches is that after a period, you will see a repetition. It is for the fact that he likes a particular set of watches and their models. And he likes to wear them. He is not keen on updating the collections as long as he already loves his old collections.

Biden watch

In today’s article, we will deeply analyze the joe Biden watch collection. A specific part of this article will be dedicated to the watch he wore on the ceremony’s day.

Also, the watch lovers and the nation may see a split here. Because some have thought that the watch is very pricy while others feel that for a president it is alright.

Furthermore, there is a group who is the admirer of the watch and knows that it worth every penny.

Rolex Datejust; the watch on the day of Ceremony

Joe chooses to wear Rolex on his special day. The watch enthusiast immediately noticed it when he put his hand on the Bible and took charge of his position.

wearing a rolexIt was the day when a new president took hold of the White House for the world. However, for people like me, it was a delightful day in terms of watches.

Because it was a different watch than many previous presidents of America were seen wearing. Nevertheless, it opens the door to discussion and appreciation for this admirable watch by Rolex.

However, I leave it to you to decide if a president should go for such costly watches or not. Do not worry, keep reading and find out yourself.

Features of the watch

Since it was the president’s watch, it must be better than many other watches in the market. Let us see why did Joe Biden choose this watch anyway.

  • For starters, it has a stainless steel bracelet. No matter how many types of bracelets there are in the markets, stainless steel is classier than most. And let us agree on one thing here: for a personality as strong as a president, it is a stainless steel bracelet that goes with suits.
  • Moving on, the watch is Swiss Automatic. It clearly shows that our dearest president is a watch lover. You would ask me why? The reason is that an automatic watch works on the movement of your hands.

It means that as long as you wear it, it works, and the wrist, it stops. Now either he has a watch winder, or he wound it himself. Seeing his watch collection and right choice on the right day, I do not think he has a winder.

  • The dial of the watch is subtle and in blue color. If you look at the dress of both Mr. President and First lady, it totally compliments it.

What you need to note here is that it is all well planned. Remember, an enthusiast never wears a watch out of the blue, he is an admirer, so very much thoughts are put into it.

  • Back to the watch, the dial is the other component to look at for special features. The dial has index hour markers, which makes it easier to read the time. Since it was a busy day, with too many appearances, too many tasks, it was essential to note the time and work accordingly.

There wouldn’t have been a better deal for a president to wear on such an important day. Besides the hour markers, it also has stop seconds. It helps in reading the time with precision.

Enough about the markers as there were multiple other people to manage all this. Let us come to the date window.

  • It was an important day; he would’ve been counting for it on his calendar. Finally, it was here; the date window on this Rolex is with a Cyclops Lens. If you know about it, you would know that it is a Rolex signature.

More importantly, it displays the date with higher accuracy, and you can change the settings very easily.

  • It is time we finally talk about the beauty of this watch. There are plenty of watches that come with jewels, and the most common is the one with 21 jewels.

Nevertheless, we are not talking about an ordinary man here but the USA president so, the watch he wore had 31 jewels. Impressive and at the same time costly. Nevermind, there is more to it.

  • A fluted bezel is another thing unique in Rolex. It uses this amazingly designed bezel in its many watches, but it has used the polished 18k white gold bezel in this particular watch.

joe biden watchThe reason for its importance is that how brilliantly it plays with the light. Both the refraction and reflection are great. I want you to note here that it reflects light differently, from different angles but at the same time.

You can call me crazy for noting these minimal details, but I love it, and now I do not have to put much effort into it. Bring a watch, let me analyze it, and you have just given me the best day.

Now is the time we talk about the price. I didn’t mention it before because I wanted you to know the watch before judging it by the price.

Okay, so this watch costs more than 7,000$, a whopping amount of money. But let’s be fair and not put the watch on target because the features are worth the price.

However, the main question remains: does a president wear a watch this costly or not because he sets out an impression and inspiration for many. When people are struggling in these lockdown times, it is best to cut costs and serve the nation in any possible way.

Again the thinking is subjective, and everyone has their own reasons to justify their beliefs.

The old Biden watches

Previously joe wearing an omega was very common, and it will not be wrong to say that it was his favorite watch at one time. It was a diver watch, and the specific model was Omega Seamaster Diver 300M.

watch joe bidenOne other thing about him is that he prefers a watch with a 40 to 44 mm case diameter. Besides that, this one was also stainless steel. Nevertheless, we see a pattern here, and we see that he has his preferences. It has been observed that he has multiple omega watches, and he is not afraid to flaunt them, and neither he minds the money.

If we focus on other things, we will find similarities in his liking and watches preferences. Such as the Omega too had the date window. Although it is a digital time, true watch admirers stick to their watches no matter what.

Moving on, it was also an automatic watch and had three markers, two for hours and one for seconds. You can check the dive watches collection here.

Moving on, he also has Omega Speedmaster Professional. It is a unique watch because of its dial. The dial holds three sub-dials. A little complicated but classy.

Furthermore, to add beauty to this masterpiece, both the band and the dial were in true black color. Also, the watch is luminescent. Hence our president is aware of the time, be it day or night.

If you like a complicated watch, why don’t you check out this skeleton collection right here?

The other USA Presidents and their Watches

Wearing a watch is essential, and up till now, we have seen some splendid watch collections by all the previous presidents of the USA.

However, being a brand’s man is always a choice of the person in the position. If we analyze the times of Mr. Bush, we didn’t see him wearing an expensive watch. The same is the case with Barak Obama. He, too, always stayed low on the heir-looms.

president watchNevertheless, Trump was the first president who broke all these past perceptions and showed his love for brands out in the open. Not to forget, he had his own watch brand, and he wore that for some time.

Other than that, he also wore expensive brands and costly watches without any fear.

Noting that Joe Biden’s watch sore high in prices. However, I do not think that he has surpassed Trump, but he is also not afraid to showcase his love for watches and expensive brands.


What is Joe Bidden’s favorite watch brand?

Joe has multiple watches. However, most of the time, he was spotted in Rolex and Omega. He owns multiple versions of these brands.


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