Best Wooden Watch Brands to Explore Right Now【 2022 Updated 】

Best watch brands

 Lately, the best wooden watches have been in demand. 

 For these reasons, people have been struggling to find the best wooden watch brands.  

It is most possible for the fact that we do not want to harm the environment for just a timepiece and look for a brand that also helps the environment. 

Considering this fact, I have dedicated this article to enlist the best wooden watch brands that also help the environment in the best possible way. 

Furthermore, these watch brands are known for producing top designs. From enlisting Amazon’s choice, my experience, and most positively, Amazon reviewed products to the most desired models by customers; I have mentioned 11 brands. 

Suppose you want to explore Rolex click here. Other than wooden watches brands, vintage watches would interest you too. 

best wooden watch brands

If you are looking for a genuine Rawling leather, then Orignal Grain is your brand. 


This particular brand has topped the list of having the best wooden watches in the watch poll of 2022. If you have been a wearer for more than five years, you must have heard about it in one way or another.


But if you haven't, do not worry. I am describing it with my experience. 


The wooden material used in the manufacturing of these watches is made of the same wood used in the baseball bat. Extremely reliable and robust. The watch line of Orignal Grain is expensive, however worth it. As it solidly revolves around wood and steel.


This best wooden watch brand is not only exceptional in making watch designs but also helping the families. For each of the watch sold, they help in plantation drives and feeding families. 


You can also check the full range of these models at



best wooden watches

Are you about to buy a wooden watch? 


I suggest checking the wooden watch review to decide which one to get. For this, I have listed Holzkern in the list of best wooden watch brands, for the fantastic news about the watch industry and the new brands.


If you are new to the watch industry, you will surely appreciate the news and updates related to the watch models you like, or about to buy.


These watches are exclusively made with hardwood. With high-quality material, it withstands severe weather changes. In addition to that, it not only uses wood to manufacture watches but also uses high-quality metal and stones.


As young enthusiasts run it, the designs are supremely unique and fancy. However, because wood is being used for these timepieces, they donate 1 for reforestation projects. 



wooden watches review

The top wood watch brands such as Jord as products for men and women. 


It is an American brand tha strongly believes in sustainability. For this purpose, the exceptional timepieces are handcrafted with the efforts of the highly experienced workers. To guarantee the quality and for assurance, the owners also wear these timepieces on different occasions.


With free shipping worldwide, this brand has become the home of search best wood watches 2022. In addition to that, the website is super easy to use, and all the sections are divided sharply for easy usage. 


To provide you an overview of the watch designs, let me tell you that most of the designs are classic. The models are not over in any form and have a subtle appearance. 

Furthermore, if you plan to buy watches from Jord, expect the price to be above $150. 


You can also check the full range of these models at



best wood watches

This top wood watch brand makes the most amazing designs, Kerbholz.


This fantastic watch brand is the creation of two German friends. Soon after they reached central America, they were inclined to make a watch brand that would revolve around wooden watches. 


But it is not just that; Kerbholz also uses acetate and stones.


With the combination of these materials, the designs are unique and straightforward. 

If you are wondering that a wooden watch is not for official meetings, then I am afraid to say that you may be wrong. 


Wooden watches are not just trendy in youngsters but also admired by mature people. The designs carry class and can be worn to official meetings. 

Every year 10% of their sales are donated to the projects saving the environment. It is also the best wooden watch brand for the fabulous yearly sales it offers. The watch prices circulate at around $200. 


You can also check the full range of these models at



wooden watches brands

Do you wish for a wood watch brand that would engrave your watch?


Here is your likely watch brand, and the next thing, maybe, are you purchasing a watch from this particular brand. These wooden watches by Plantwear are made in Europe. 

On the globe, Europe has been on the list of producing good wood.


The wood is carefully taken, and with minimal waste, an exceptional timepiece is manufactured. The wood quality is superior to many other wooden watches present in the markets. 


The wood is either domestic or exotic.


It is not only restricted to a wood watch company but also offers accessories. As for the high-quality and durability, the price is affordable. You can quickly get a watch under $300. 


It also has bracelets cum wood looking watches. 


As the brand doesn't only concern itself with profit but also helps in the plantation. Every month 50 trees are planted with the help of a foundation.




It was formed in 2014 and became the best wood watch brand in a small span.


With the authentic and unique designs, it soon became the talk of the town. The wood used in the design is a natural hardwood, which offers higher durability and sustainability. If you are looking for the best men's wooden watches is an incomparable Sweedish style then check out Vejrhoj. 


On the website which is user friendly, you can explore all the designs they are most known for. As for the wooden watches, you may not require a new watch strap, but if you in any way do then they also accommodate you there.


The authenticity and reliability of the brand can be assured from the list of awards they got for their designs and quality. 


Not just the outer body of the watch is good but also the inner functionality works fine. For such prices, it is a jackpot. 



Bobo Bird
wood watch companies

One of the most elegant brands that are also an Amazon's choice for the best wooden watch brands; Bobo Bird.


Bobo Bird is famous for the fantastic features its wooden watches have. Not just the design, this brand has worked explicitly on introducing plenty of different, daily use features at a reasonable price. 


The wood is of exceptional quality and will not cause any allergy.


If you are a sports enthusiast, then it is your go-to watch. It is one of those wood watches brands which have designed exclusive lines of watches as it has done for the sportsman.

Why I like this watch brand is because I got to have photos watch and a mystery box. Explore the website, and you will learn more.


In addition to that, the watches made for women are delicate but strong in its parameters. 



Treehut Bamboo
the best wood watches

Looking for the best wooden watches brand that allows you customization?


Then Treehut Bamboo is here with the personalization features for all the customers. For me, this is good to go brand for all the customization that I need to be done on my loved one's watches.


As the brand is the creation of a husband and wife, both gender's watches are made with adequate consideration of the features that are needed the most. 


It uses the wood that is related to the timepieces they are supposedly making. For instance, walnut watches, walnut wood is collected. 


The display is the most admired part of the watch. Most of the designs have moderate shows which are suitable for both formal and casual gatherings. The price range of Treehut Bamboo watches ranges between $100-$200. In addition to that, unbelievable sales are offered periodically for watch lovers. You can get one at the discounted rate too.


Visit :

We Wood
wooden watch to have

Are you afraid that buying a wooden watch will cause harm to the environment?


Well, I have only shared the brands that help the environment with plantation drives or works with recycles wood to assure that none of our actions harms our earth. We wood does the same. It works with the recycled wood and helps our dear earth with planting trees every year.


If your question is, what is the best wooden watch? A brand whose wood doesn't harm the wrists; no allergies. The products of We Wood are not just pure wooden colors but also designed to satisfy customers' needs. 


In addition to the supreme quality wood used, the other material is also of the highest quality possible. As for the mineral used is the one used for tough watches. Therefore scratch resistance and suitable for outdoor activities. 



Lux Woods

Lux woods is a wooden watch company that has indulged itself in the perseverance of the environment. 


For the beautiful wooden watches, it makes sure that the planting of trees doesn't stop in any way. For this purpose, it has collaborated two organizations and working effortlessly for the environment. 


As for the designs, usually harvested wood is used. 


The wood is non-allergic. Even if you have the most sensitive skin, you can wear it without worrying about allergies. Every design of the watch is made with an important consideration.


To add value, the designs are hand made. Suppliers and manufacturers are highly experienced. 


I am sharing the most exciting news for the US residents; free shipping. Any watch chosen form the wooden collection is eco-friendly. Furthermore, with the watch, you get an oak wooden box and a watch pillow. 



Analog Watch Co
best wood watches 2022

The best wooden watch brands that have planted tens of thousands of trees are here in the list for you.


For every watch that the customer purchases the company plants a tree. Analog watch co-produces one of the extraordinary watches. The watches are comparatively robust. 

For extreme outdoor activities, this is the perfect brand of watches.


Most of the watches have a Japanese Quartz movement, that is one of the most demanded change, for the fact that it is super smooth and excludes the noise of the flow of hands. 


All the best wood watches of Analog watch co has finish lining. It makes it exclusive and most demanded watches.


However, it has many other accessories under its name that are known for quality and durability. For instance, sunglasses, phone cases, straps and other products that you can explore on the site.




The watch brands listed above have dedicated their lines for the manufacturing of wooden watches. They also have many other products like watch straps, wallets, sunglasses, and belts but most admired for wooden watches.

Each brand is also contributing to the environment, in any way possible. If you are choosing which watch to get and from which brand, I strongly suggest that the first thing to look for if it is allergy-free.

You surely do not want to waste money on a watch that would rash your wrist.

Secondly, if you are a watch collector look for a watch in price around $100, however, if you are a true wooden watch fan and plans to wear it occasionally then many brands above have exceptional qualities and durability go for those.

Thirdly, if you are in the last stages of deciding on getting a wooden watch or not read further.

If you are in sports, if you like traveling, if you are adventurous, You Must Have A Wooden Watch.

These watches are temperature resistant and exceptionally strong.


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