15 Best Watches Under $150 You Can Get Your Hands On [2021 Reviewed]

Watches are a must-have these days, although the need for them has slowly diminished somewhat by the introduction of smartphones. But you can make the point that they are just as essential these days as they were in the days of the past.

 Watches are essential items in any outfit, they represents your style choice and your personality. Therefore, choosing a watch that you like and is within your budget can be somewhat of a difficult job to do. In this list, we introduce some of the absolute best watches under 150 that you can get right now 

If you want to step up your game to the next level and move onto the premium manufacturers then do see our pick of the best entry-level luxury watches. We here at expertwatchman take pride in providing the best selection of watches that are both top quality and affordable. 

Seiko Men's Stainless Steel

Seiko is a brand that is known for making quality watches. Their excellence in their respective field is proved by their premium watches. From the outer look of the watch to the intricate mechanism for it's working, everything has been designed to perfection.

The watch that we offer you today is no different, it receives the same attention. The rose gold dial of the Seiko watch is bold and beautiful, it works perfectly with the brown calfskin leather. The watch is also a chronograph and a very good one at that. A must-have in your collection.

Key Features:

  • The chronograph is super accurate and accentuates the appeal of this spectacular watch
  • The quality of the watch is top-tier
  • Beautiful and elegant design

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz 100 meters 43.3 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Strong and durable design ❌ Powered by Japanese quartz
✅ Amazing water-resistance of over 100 meters
✅ A phenomenal chronograph for an amazing price

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's I.N.O.X. Watch

If you want a premium quality watch you can never go wrong with a Victorinox. Expertly crafted and designed, each watch produced from this watchmaking giant is a piece of art. The INOX is no different, it has a robust design with a beautiful titanium dial and straps of all kinds.

The best part about the INOX is that it comes in a wide variety of different and unique options, you can change the color of the dial and the strap, and even their material. All these features make this one of the best watches under $150.

Key Features:

  • The watch is available in a wide variety of options from the material of the band to the color
  • A water-resistance of 200 meters is super impressive
  • It has a rugged and strong build quality

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 200 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Stellar design ❌ The red markings on the carbon black variation is somewhat distracting
✅ Comes with a three-year limited warranty
✅ Sapphire resistant glass and durable strap

Emporio Armani Men's Luigi

The Emporio Armani Luigi is simply a stunning watch. The radiant and shiny dial is beautiful in and of itself, but with the matte inner dial and the leather strap, it looks phenomenal. Aside from the design, it's also a great chronograph that can be used up to 50 meters underwater. Just like the Victorinox, the Luigi also comes in different varieties, all beautiful and unique.

The strap can be a chain bracelet or a stainless steel strap, you can also choose the more traditional leather strap or a rubber one. Emporio Armani offers a lot of variety and that mixed with the amazing quality of the watch is the reason why the Emporio Armani Luigi is one of the best watches under $150.

Key Features:

  • The polished silver-tone stellar from every angle
  • Another watch with amazing variety

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 50 meters 46 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Stunning polish and design ❌ A little bit large for some people
✅ Great chronograph as well
✅ Perfect for any sort of formal or casual event

Fossil Men's Minimalist

If you’re in the market for a sleek and minimalistic watch then this is the one for you. Fossil has done a great job and has produced the perfect watch for the minimalist. It has a thin and sleek design, the dial is plain and classic.

It's just what you would expect from a watch that was produced to represent simplicity. It's available in a bunch of different options, all of which are equally great. If you want to keep this simple then be sure to check this one out.

Key Features:

  • Its beauty lies in its simplicity
  • Great color scheme
  • Can be used as a casual or even a formal watch

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 50 meters 44 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Durable and reliable ❌ The water resistance is a little underwhelming
✅ Has a bunch of different design options to choose from
✅ Thin and lightweight

Invicta Men's Bolt Stainless Steel

Not only does this watch look exotic and bold but it also has some amazing underwater performance. It is perhaps the best watch for under $150. The Invicta Bolt, plainly speaking, is a stellar watch, it has a beautiful design and a great robust feel to it.

One look at it will prove our point. The gold dial with the stainless steel ring makes for an amazing and stunning look. The watch itself is slightly thick but it does have a reason, the watch is water-resistant up to an unbelievable 200 meters. The phenomenal design paired with great performance makes for a really exciting package, surely worth the money.

Key Features:

  • The watch has a strong and durable body capable of withstanding high drops 
  • It’s a bold and iconic look, the type of watch that outshines other similar watches

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese quartz 200 meters 48 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Rugged and durable ❌ The case may be a little big for some
✅ Great water resistance
✅ Unique and bold design

Tophill TW061G Men


Tophill does the basics just right with the TW061g, it a simplistic watch, which has all you need. It looks amazing and professional, perfect for any formal event. Perhaps the most unique feature of this watch is the mechanism itself, unlike other watches in this price range the Tophill is a mechanical hand-wind watch.

That is a premium feature on its own, even some luxury watches that cost thousands of dollars run on quartz. Overall, the Tophill offers a luxurious design and experience for a very reasonable price. 

Key Features:

  • Resistant to the occasional drop and scratch
  • It features an amazing mechanical hand wind
  • The gold dial compliments the brown leather straps beautifully

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Mechanical hand Wind 50 meters 39 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Comes in a bunch of different and unique options ❌ The dial face is a little bit small
✅ Features a 24-hour dial and a date dial
✅ Fantastic movement

HUGO by Hugo Boss Men's Stainless Steel

This watch from Hugo is the perfect blend of both a classic and a sporty design. A premium leather strap, stainless steel body, eye-cathing blue dial all combine together to form this amazing watch. Made from the top quality material and with a 2-year warranty, makes this a very desirable offer.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic design for people who have simple tastes
  • Great for any sort of event
  • The design is absolutely beautiful

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 30 meters 42 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Durable glass protection ❌ Underwhelming water resistance
✅ Crafted to perfection
✅ Brilliant performance

Michael Kors Mini Bradshaw

This is what you would call a premium watch. The rose gold looks absolutely stunning, the watch is simply gorgeous. The design makes it perfect for basically any type of event, a casual day, or even a formal event. Not only that it also has an impressive 100-meter water resistance. Michael Kors have outdone themselves with this one, definitely one of the best watches under $150 on the market right now.

Key Features:

  • The main features of the mini Bradshaw is its beauty the rose gold is absolutely stunning
  • It’s also has a high performing chronograph, which enhances the appeal of this already amazing watch

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 100 meters 36 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Super trendy and luxurious ❌ The size is a little smaller for some people
✅ Premium quality
✅ Stellar design

G-Shock Men's GA2000-1A9

You can’t go wrong with a G-shock, built for durability and reliability this watch will work in any and all-terrain. The GA200 comes with the same exclusive features that Casio is known for, like impeccable shock resistance, robust design, and amazing water resistance. It has a beautiful black and yellow design that gives a very bold and vibrant look. With features like the luminous dial, the 31-time zone, and the amazing stopwatch features makes this a must-buy.

Key Features:

  • It’s a G-shock meaning that it’s extremely sturdy and rugged
  • Comes with a 200-meter water resistance
  • The watch and the chronograph are as expected super accurate

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 200 meters 51 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Premium G-shock features ❌ A little bulky for some
✅ Looks great
✅ High accuracy

Michael Kors Men's Cunningham


The cunningham is another amazing watch by Micheal Kros, it features a stunning design with a bold look. A professional-looking watch that can be worn both casually and for formal events. If you’re looking to step up your watch game and want to build your watch collection then this is an amazing watch to get. It has everything you need, a beautiful and glossy design, sturdy materials, and a Micheal Kros tag. One of the best watches under $150 on the market right now.

Key Features:

  • This watch is a perfect partner for any sort of event
  • Stainless steel bracelet and a sapphire resistance glass ensure longevity
  • Tachymetre dial 

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 50 meters 44 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Looks classy and elegant ❌ The water resistance is not so great
✅ Premium build quality
✅ Accurate movements powered by quartz

Seiko Men's SNE361


Seiko is a true pioneer when it comes to watch technology. From the first quartz movement to super-accurate chronograph Seiko is known for its innovations. The SNE361 brings with it a new and a very interesting feature, a highly power-efficient solar cell.

This watch is super efficient in this electricity use and a single charge can even last for 12 months. Aside from that, you get a premium watch with a classy design and a durable body. It even has great water resistance up to a 100 meters. One of the best watches for $150 on the market.

Key Features:

  • The watch is solar-powered and boasts a truly astonishing 12 month power reserve
  • Impressive water resistance of up to a hundred metres
  • Looks better in person

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 100 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A classy watch perfect for formal events ❌ Runs on non-standard batteries
✅ Durable build quality
✅ Long-lasting battery

GUESS Rose Gold-Tone Women


This next watch from guess is absolutely stellar. It features a polished rose gold frame and a beautiful dark blue silicone strap. In other words, it's just a really pretty watch. It comes with an hour, day, and month dial. It's powered by Japanese quartz which ensures the steady working and accurate display of time. Certainly one of the best watches under $150 that you can get right now.

Key Features:

  • The rose gold-tone goes perfectly with the dark blue strap
  • Sapphire resistant glass for easy viewing and scratch resistance
  • 24 hour, date and day sub dials

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 100 meters 38 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Great dress watch ❌ Water resistance of only 30 meters
✅ Stunning elegant look
✅ Unique and bold design

Timex x Todd Snyder

This Timex piece is an absolute classic, it has a minimalist appeal but somewhat of a striking design to it. We are of course talking about the spiral tachymeter in the middle. It's a beautiful design choice and a perfect characteristic marked for this watch. The Timex also has another distinct feature, it features a domed acrylic case. This unique design choice makes the Timex x Todd Snyder watch an outstanding piece and a great catch for the price.

Key Features:

  • Classical design
  • Comes with a tachymeter and a telemeter scale.
  • luminescent dials and bands for easy reading in low light

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 30 meters 40 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Accurate movement with tachymeter and telemeter to calculate speed and distance ❌ Water resistance of only 30 meters
✅ Beautiful design
✅ Genuine leather strap

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler


The Citizen eco-drive is so much more than just a simple watch. . It's a really accurate and efficient machine. Certainly among the best watches under $150 out there. The eco-drive feature on the Chandler enables the use of this solar-powered timepiece for years to come. It charges automatically with any type of light, natural or artificial. Best of all it comes with an amazing 30-day money back guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty. It's a really reliable device, perfect for a daily driver. Great for the price too.

Key Features:

  • Solar-powered can be charged through natural or artificial light
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a 5-year warranty
  • Impeccable battery performance

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 100 meters 37.2 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Great water resistance ❌ The glass is slightly softer than other ones on this list
✅ Reliability and durability ensured
✅ luminous bands

Skagen Freja Minimalist Watch women


For the minimalistic out there this is a dream come true. It's absolutely fantastic, the simplistic yet vibrant design of the Skagen Freja is stunning. The goldtone perfectly suits and complements the dual-toned chain. As far as the reliability and durability of these watches go, you don't have to worry about a thing. If you're looking for the best watches under 150 then be sure to check this one out too.

Key Features:

  • The watch looks phenomenal
  • It offers water resistance up to 50 meters
  • It’s lightweight and comes in a beautiful packaging

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 50 meters 26 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Modern design ❌ Not a Chronograph
✅ Beautiful band
✅ Top-tier build quality


So there you have it a list of the best watches under 150, we hope you find the watch of our choice. We have carefully selected these watches after a strict and tedious selection process and so we can assure you that whatever watch you buy from this list will definitely wow you.


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