11 Best Watches For Doctors: Keep Up With Time!

 Spending your day in scrubs is never easy, in-fact doctors have arguably the most challenging jobs on the planet! As your long shift goes by, its important to keep tabs on time. Hence, we’ve created a super list of the best watches for doctors so you can stay on top of things and make some time for yourself. 

While expertwatchmans list has some of the best watches for doctors, we know everyone likes a good rolex. Go a step beond with these best automatic watches under 2000 and or better yet, find a watch that keeps you company as you go swimming.

The spedial is one of the best nurse and doctor rubber watches on the market.

Spedial is especially famous because it has been created keeping doctors and nurses in mind. The company hopes to keep the busy profession and the difficulties one might come across when working in it in mind as they built these watches. The dail is large and significantly simple to read, meaning a simple glance down at it should be enough to tell you the time. It has quartz movement and has a very visible second hand (colored red).

The watchmakers have kept pulse readings in mind as well, as the red hand of the watch makes it very simple to track and monitor them. Plus, spedial understands how important it is for a healthcare worker to have a watch that doesn't collect bacteria or viruses.

Hence, their watch is super simple to clean. Spedial is available in a number of interesting colors, all of them clean and unique

Key Features:

  • A rubber, fomaite reduced exterior that is simple to clean
  • A pretty covering 
  • Easy to read and extremely accurate

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz None 38mm

Pros Cons
✅ Easy to clean ❌A very simplistic design, not suitable for someone who wants a more decorated watch
✅ Specially designed keeping doctors/healthcare workers in mind
✅ Does not collect fomaties and is easily visible

The VACV is a super easy to use brand that specializes in creating watches for health care workers.

They hope to keep doctors and nurses in mind as they build their products and that’s one of the main reasons we’ve added this watch on to our list of the best watches for doctors. If you're a young doctor who doesn't want to spend money on a rolex but still need something practical, this is the watch for you. VACV comes with a very large dial that makes it super easy to read.

Basically all you have to do is glance down at it and check the time. 

Time is an extremely important factor in all kinds of surgerious and procedures, hence, the dail and the hands have been kept in sharp contrast so the doctor or nurse can measure time with ease.

Just like the product above, VACV also believes in the importance of creating a system that makes it easy to observe the movement of seconds, hence, the visible red hand allows all kinds of workers to monitor the rates of breathing of their patients. Moreover, this watch is also water proof to about 165 ft as well.

It also carries japanese quartz movement as well, its dial is made from surgical grade glass, hence, you don’t need to be worried about it falling or hiting places making it a perfect fit in a doctors life. The VACV also comes with a 24 month warranty where you can return it with ease without having to think twice. 

Key Features:

  • A watch designed for a profession; has all the features a good doctors watch needs
  • Looks beautiful
  • Very practical, does not come with extra unrequired features. Does the job well.

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz 100 meters 40 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Simple Japanese quartz to ensure accuracy ❌ Some of the colors don't have the sharp contrast that doctors watches need
✅ Comes with a water resistant depth of 165 ft perfect for a doctor/nurse who knows they might be getting their hands dirty
✅ A pretty and practical watch

If you’re a healthcare professional who wants something classier to wear that this PP PEUGOT vintage watch is the one for you.

It has a very thin and delicate look to it.

(This is something we quite liked because this isn't a quality you'll find in most watches that have been designed for doctors). The watch might have a thin look but it has been designed keeping a doctor's busy schedule in mind so it has a large numbers that go well with the dial. Hence, just like our other entries, you can simply look down at the dial and youll be able to check the time in a superconvientent manner.

After that, the dial also supports prominent black hands which have these arabic numerals on them maing the entire watch very simply to read. Moreover, what we really like abut the watch was its lifetime cell replacement feature.

Basically you never need to pay for the battery of this watch, all you have to do is contact PEUGOT. PEUGOT also carries quartz movement that has been featured by SEIKO; the famous watch manufacturer known across the world for their accuracy. 

Its many features make it an excellent companion for doctors and health care professionals as they go about their busy day. 

Key Features:

  • An iconic piece that looks just as good as it works
  • Extremely accurate, this piece goes a step beyond and introduces Sieko for accuracy
  • An excellent companion as it is rigorous and can take a bit of a beating

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 17 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A pretty vintage watch with all the features a doctor's watch should have ❌ The thin dial might look pretty but isn't all that great for someone who has eyesight issues
✅ Easily cleanable and simple to disinfect
✅ Perfect for someone on a small budget

T TICCI has featured military grade material in this particular peice they have created and we are all for it.

A doctor's profession involves alot of things, and having a sensitive timepiece that could break or needs special care is just not something they can afford to have.

Hence, weve featured T TICCI in our list of the best watches for doctors for a number of things but its superior quality materials and its military grade strenght is at the top. 

T TICCI is a pretty watch to say the least. With its matte finish, and its contrasting dial its a nice starter watch to have on your arm if your a doctor whose just started and needs something accurate yet good looking to keep track of your time for you when your on duty. Just like all of our watches the T TICCI also features an easy to read dial (all the watches in our list have this quality). They have contrasting hands which make it easy to make pulse readings as well. 

The watch also comes with 12 and 24 hours markers for accuracy. Moreover, just like our other doctors watches, the T TICCI watch also has an easily cleanable dial and band. As mentioned previously this feature is extremely essential because it allows to wear the watch without having to worry about it accumliating dust and bacteria.

Key Features:

  • A vintage watch that manages to have all the features required for it to make it a good doctors watch
  • Super light
  • Perfect for someone looking for something attractive yet practical

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 16 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A nice vintage watch ❌ Has a smaller dial than it should have
✅ Very accurate
✅ Easy to use

Plaris has constantly amazed us with its excellently designed watches for nurses and this black and rose gold peice is no different.

The time piece is stylish and pretty, as mentioned before it has a black case and a pretty rose gold dial. The watch has minimalist design, with its 36mm dial it is definitely one of the best looking watches in our list. 

The PLaris peice carries an easily cleanable silicone band which can be easily cleaned by alcohol as well. Moreover, you can even wear this watch as you go swimming (it has a water resistance upto 99ft as well). The reason why we love the water resistant feature is because it means a nurse or a doctor doesn't need to be keeping a contsnat watch of the environment they are in with this watch. For a profession that involves alot of unpredictable circumstances, the PLaris is a good dependable time peice to have on your side.

Plus, PLaris has a very large number of excellent features and the list doesn't end here. It also makes for an excellent gift, it's pretty simple and definetly practical. PLaris, just like our other watches has a very accurate Quartz movement. Like we've discussed before the simple seconds that tick by maybe life and death for a patient. PLaris' time keeping will assist any health worker as they measure heart beats or breathing. 

PLaris is completely returnable as well, if you change your mind you can always return it after 30 days of purchase.

Key Features:

  • PLaris is an excellent watch that has all the qualities a good nurse watch should have
  • Excellent precision
  • Its hands are super visible

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz 99 ft 30 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Pretty and durable ❌ The face of the daily isn't as large as it should be
✅ Lasts for a significant amount of time and can be used roughly as well
✅ Manages to remain visible while remaining stylish

This particular nurse watch is a bit different from our other entire mainly because we've decided to include a unique design.

It's unique design isn't purposeless however and has been created so as to keep the hands of the doctor or the nurse free as they go about their daily routine. The health care worker can simply remove the watch from their pocket and check the time. 

While all of our other products are also sterlizable, this particular watch takes the cake because it can be opened and easily sterilized as well. 

The nurse watch is super easy to carry as well, as it can be clipped on to your identity card or to your pocket. It should be noted that while the watch is spalsh proof, it can't be submerged in water for long periods of time. 

Key Features:

  • Unique design that makes it very practical
  • Can be kept out of the pocket to minimize bacteria and viruses getting into pockets
  • Can be sterilized very easily

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 16 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A small watch that can be clipped on to your identity card ❌ Isn't great for someone whose looking for something a bit more decortated
✅ Minimizes distractions and has been designed for rough use
✅ Costs a very nominal amount and is very long lasting

Dakota is definetly one of our favourite watches on this list. First of all, it has this amazing range of colors each of them cuter than the other.

Dakota has been specially designed for nurses and doctors and has all the features.  It is water proof, it can be easily cleaned, it has this extremely clear display that makes it easy to observe the time so you never lose track of the precious seconds. Moreover, the watch has a very accurate Quartz system to minimize discrepancies that may cost lives. Moreover, you can even return it if you don't like it for reason.

Plus to top it all off, it comes at a very good price. 

Key Features:

  • A cheap yet valuable buy
  • Can be used in a rough manner
  • Looks pretty but has all the practical features a nurse needs

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 32 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ One of the prettiest watches in our list ❌ The bright colors of the watch can sometimes be distracting
✅ Dakota is very easy to clean, mainly because it has been designed to be sterilized with ease
✅ Comes with very clear hands and an accurate quartz system

Prestigue Medical is a white watch that blends very well with a white doctors coat or a nurses uniform.

It's clear dial and it's white exterior make it very easy to clean. Moreover, just like our other watches it has been created keeping nurses and doctors in mind. The watch has a very clear dial and contrasting hands to make sure the movement is accurate and easy to observe the Quartz movement gives the watch a perfect accuracy of just a little less than a few seconds. 

For those of you who are on a budget and are looking for a dependable watch to keep by your side, than the Prestigue is the one for you. This watch is extremely durable and doesn't break the bank either. 

We've specially enjoyed the comfort it gives the wearer. It isn't significantly heavy and hence, it's easy to wear. 

Key Features:

  • Comfortable yet super effective
  • The white exterior of the watch makes it super easy to use
  • Pretty but durable

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 33 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ The white watch is very easy to clean ❌ The band material is synthetic which isn't as durable as the dial
✅ Its easy to read hands make it simple to read
✅ Very accurate so you never use track of precious seconds

The Scrubs watch is a bit different from the Prestigue Medical.

While it may look plain the very best thing about it is that it does its job very well.

This watch has been designed to be particularly worn as a rough use watch so the doctor or nurse can go about their day and keep track of the time in an easy and practical manner. This particular watch isnt very costly and has all the features our other watches have.

It is easily cleanable, it is splash proof and its contrsasting colors make it easy for the wearer to check the time. It is extremely accurate as well and hence, is a perfect watch for a healthcare professional. 

Key Features:

  • A simple watch that manages to contain all the features a good nurse watch should have without comprising on important things
  • The hands have contrasting colors to make measurements easier
  • Very sturdy

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 16 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A proper everyday use watch ❌ The dial is a bit smaller than the ideal size
✅ The wearer never has to give it any special care
✅ Can be opened up and sterilized 

The zayaan is a chroma balanced watch that comes in a number of different colors.

The best thing about ZAYAAN is that it can easily cleaned and opened up for sterlization. The face of the watch glows in the dark. Plus, the watch is charged by light as well. Making it an excellent companion for a doctor or a nurse who needs something practical to rely on. 

Key Features:

  • An excellent quartz watch that doesn’t need any charging.
  • A rough watch that can be used everyday without the nurse or doctor having to worry about taking care of it
  • Easy to read display

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 30 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ A very simple watch that focuses on providing accurate results ❌ The feature of charging by light might create some problems especially if the healthcare professional is short on time
✅ Very easy to read display
✅ Can be opened up and cleaned effectively

The nurse mate watch is a simple and pretty watch that is specially designed for nurses.

Not only does it look pretty it has all the essential features that a good nurses watch should have.

It is first of all, water proof and splash proof which means that you dont have to be mindful of it all the time. Moreover, the watch is also easy to read and simple to use. It is widely accurate and is low cost as well. 

Key Features:

  • Pretty yet pratical
  • Can be worn during formal occasions as well
  • Doesn’t break the bank

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz Splash Proof 33 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ The watch is a very pretty and can be worn as a dress watch as well ❌ Does not have a stopwatch feature
✅ For the price you're paying you'll be getting superior quality features
✅ Designed by one of the best companies that make products for nurses

A good Doctor's watch has to be a number of things; sturdy, stain-resistant, easily cleanable and of course, easy to read. These watches are all about practicality and will be your perfect partner in a long shift.


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