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best watch blogs

 Undoubtedly you have been to many watch blogs, which you thought were one of the best watch blogs. However, the question lies, were they really what you were looking for? 

 Over the years, the evolution of online platforms started, but so came the writers with beginner’s level of review and interpretation. 

It resulted in many watch blogs, but it was not all worth the read because the major concerns remained unclear.

As you may know, by reading my other articles here, I am a watch lover. So today, I am presenting you with the top watch blogs that will be helpful to you.

However, if you need reviews about GMT, vintage, tough watches right away you can check it right now.

A blog to watch
best watch blogs

As the name depicts, it is a blog to watch.

It started in back 2007, and I have closely observed the changes it has brought and remained updated. After 13 years of writing blogs, let me tell you that it started as a customary interest website.

However, over the years, you can see how effort they have put in their topic with a necessary amount of research. The most admired part of A blog to watch is the opportunity to read comments, very helpful.

To visit

Bulang & Sons

It is a wristwatch blog that is a delight to your eyes.

Placing it among the best watch blogs is because of the writer's enthusiasm for watches. While observing the blogs, it can be seen that every minor part has given good detail.

It will not be fair to say that it is just a men's watch blog.

This watch blogger has touched everything related to watches, from the strap to the protective boxes. Which explains it is one of the best watch blogs. Visiting through one blog to another is fun in itself.

To visit:

Bob’s Watches Rolex Blog
wristwatch blog

Hi, yes, want to discover Rolex and just Rolex?

Bob has solely dedicated his luxury watch blog posts to Rolex. In addition to that, there is not only a blog describing Rolex, but there is much more to that.

Every update to Rolex is given there, be it auction or a new model or just admiration of a vintage model. It is considered the best watch blogs for sweethearts of Rolex. If you are new to the watch world, you must know about Rolex here.

To visit:

Fratello Watches

Do you enjoy knowing about watches and view them from another perception?

Fratello best watch blogs are addressed to give insights into watches. The watch review blog videos are given. It gives the leverage of listening and witnessing the timepieces. It started as a small idea in 2004 to today, where every news related to watch is given.

It is enlisted in the top watch blogs because of the dedication it has for watches. Targeting as many brands possible and informing the readers about the auction.

It is a feast for a true watch lover.

To visit:

luxury watch blog

If you are anywhere into to vintage collection of watches, it is yours to read.

The watch blogs here are dedicated to the vintage collection of different brands. A deep insight into every brand to answer what it looked like when it started.

One of the best watch blogs answering everything related to vintage.

From the very start, this blog has always had top-notch writers. They made sure to do deep analysis and describe the machinery, material, accuracy, strength of as many vintages as possible.

It will not be wrong to say that the major hike in vintage watch price is because of these detailed blogs. Which addressed the true value the watches hold.

To visit:

The Time Bum
horology blog

Do you want to learn about watches by a lawyer in DC, who is crazy about watches?

If yes, this is the best watch blogs for you. Even if you are not in for a lawyer's view, you may want to see it as a wearer who can explain the watch in the truest way possible.

Plus, the law degree may sound dry to you, but the website is user-friendly.

You can easily find watches that are the cheapest, and if you are ready to spend money, there are expensive ones too. You get to see the true condition of the watch as he has shared the pictures too.

To visit:

Monochrome Watches

Looking for a horology blog? Drag no more!

It is the best watch blog that addresses the watches in the easiest way possible. Having introduced the new masterpieces, it also has the best monochrome watches collection ever.

It is targeting a particular niche, for those who admire the monochrome watches.

In addition to that, if you are a watch collector, this publication is your go-to place to stay updated. From history to reviews, from buying guides to the best purchase, it has exquisitely described it all.

To visit:

Watch Report

Where the watch industry stands today, right at the moment?

It is a watch blog offering you complete detail of the watch market. From the news of new releases to the ones where the prices go high.

Daily reviews of watches are published for the sole purpose of keeping the readers updated. It is the best watch blog that addresses the luxury watch blog along with the required guides.

One more thing might be of interest; giveaways!

To visit:

Watch Time

It is a watch publication that posts a blog based on the interviews of people from the watch industry, what else one could wish for a piece of true information.

The top wristwatch blogs address a particular product and mention the expected versus real results of having that watch.

It is not just an online platform, but the publication is done bi-monthly. If you are in any of these countries, Poland, Japan, China, Korea, India, and Germany, you can access its sister sites.

To visit:

Worn and Wound
wristwatch blogs

Do not worry if you are not into the vintage collection but new. 

It is a particular watch blog that has circled all the new timepieces that are released or about to release for you.

Describing the functionality and new features is the main focus here.

Moreover, a weekly podcast helps the site viewers more in understanding the watches and peculiar features.

To visit:


Every blog post has a targeted audience. The best watch blogs shared above also work on the same terms. It is you who has to decide which on to read, as it must meet your expectation or answer your questions.

There is a luxury watch blog that explicitly targets men's watch blog, wristwatch blogs, and blogs aiming at a particular brand. Some blog posts have daily updates for the actual watch enthusiast who is not just concerned with the watch but a whole industry of watches.

However, if you want complete watch price guides or want to have dive watches, GMT watches, robust watches, and dress watches, you can check them right now.


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