Best Skeleton Watches to Have a Classy life【 2022 】

best skeleton watches

 Are you tired of regular watches and want to explore the best skeleton watches

 In this article, I have shared the top see-through watches men’s can have. 

But as a watch enthusiast, I always admire women’s delicate watch collection. Keep reading, and you will explore the watch of your choice.

The top 13 products listed below are of a wide range from colors to designs. As it is perceived by many that the best skeleton watches are always out of budget, Keeping that in mind, I have shared the skeleton watches under 1000 and even the best skeleton watches under 500. You can also explore the best men’s watches under 100, right here.

Since you have an interest in skeleton watches, pocket watches may excite you as well.

Stührling Original Men's Watch
gustavo skeleton watch

What would more excite you about your watch than to look into the true masterpiece?

When I started to enlist see-through watches, this best dress watch popped right into my head for its distinctive features. You can also check the dress watch collection right here.
It is supremely made with authentic leather to give you the maximum feel of the best skeleton watch.

If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended for you.

The smooth straps make you feel highly comfortable. In addition to that, this skeleton watch brand has put extra effort into making these luxury designs.

You can wear it every day, without the fear of damaging it.

Key Features:

  • Alligator embossed leather strap
  • Two time zones
  • Rotating AM/PM indicator

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 46 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Stainless steel stationary bezel ❌ Not everyone is comfortable with tang buckle
✅ Aesthetic analog display
✅ Automatic winding with the movements give you carefree time

Lucien Piccard Loft Automatic Men's Watch
best skeleton watch under 500

In the list of best skeleton watches, this model of Lucien Piccard can not be questioned!

It is a cheap skeleton watch, but the most durable one can think of. The quality of the materials used to manufacture it is incredibly high.

The dial is made explicitly with exceptional efforts.

It is simple yet most accurate. If you are looking for a skeleton wristwatch that is easy on your pocket, go for it. This watch offers free shipping, yay! Well, I was excited about this considering the current economic status of the world.

This affordable skeleton watch displays the inner work with distinctive colors. Even if you know nothing about the watch's working, you can still understand the movements by

Key Features:

  • Displays the minutes for readability
  • After every 15 minutes, the watch has a numeral display
  • 3, 6, 9 ,12 hours display

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 45 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Luminous features help to ready time in the dark ❌ Most suitable for slim wrists
✅ Extremely lightweight
✅ It doesn't require a battery

Bulova Automatic Exquisite Watch
open face watch mens

What fulfills the criteria of the best skeleton watches is how decently it has been put together.

Bulova brand has always been my favorite. Ever since I started the watch collection journey, it has amazed me with the designs and accuracy.

The stainless steel materials add to the beauty of this skeleton dial watch.

If you are looking for an open face watches, then this is your way to go and rock your formal wear. In addition to that, the mineral glass used is magnificent.

Double press deployant closure secures the watch to a great extent. I would highly recommend this watch to men who are doing jobs. Even if you are an intern, you can make an impression with this see-through watch.

Key Features:

  • Three-hand analog display
  • Hour hands and minutes tracking
  • Double press deployant closure

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Mechanical hand winding 30 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ The silver and blue skeleton dial supports easy readability ❌ Some find it challenging to read roman numerals
✅ The flat mineral case that is scratch-free
✅ Displays hours, minutes, and seconds

Hamilton Men's Open Heart Watch
self winding skeleton watch

Does the name of these skeletonized watches excite you? So will the design!

Among the best skeleton watch brands, Hamilton has made its place in the top position. It has not only classified itself as the best skeleton watches but also in the designing it is distinguishable.

The dial has a unique silver cut color.

To make things simple for you, I will tell if it is for you or not! If you are an office person, it is good to go. In addition to that, if you are a party person, it is good to make your impression; nevertheless, if you are looking for dress watches, then it is your watch.

Key Features:

  • Displays hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Moderate watch width
  • Fixed bezel

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 40 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Scratch-resistant sapphire glass avoids damage ❌ It is not suitable for water sports
✅ The stainless steel material used to help sensitive skin
✅ Exceptional quality leather band

Tissot Men's Watch
see through mechanical watch

Tissot watches are one of the best watches ever to exist. Wonder why it is one of the best skeleton watches?

To be accurate, this brand has made its name because of the quality it offers. It is not only appealing to the eyes but also provides higher accuracy. Also, check out this whole collection of Mathew Tissot watches.

Let us get to this particular model, which is admired for the beautiful analog display. Watches with visible gears are usually complicated. But this design will not make you appear too complicated.

The silver and blue colors used in the dial compliments each other.

For many watch lovers looking for a swiss skeleton watch, stay right here and explore your potential watch's fantastic feature.

Key Features:

  • Displays minutes and hours
  • On the left, it displays seconds in a small window
  • Swiss made

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Mechanical hand wind 50 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Remarkably light-weight ❌ As the display shows the inner work of the watch, for some, it becomes difficult to read the time
✅ The smooth leather strap that fits the wrist
✅ Luminous hands

Hamilton Jazzmaster Men's Watch
see through watch face

If you are looking for the best skeleton watches that are simpler to read, than I have listed this one, especially for you.

Hamilton skeleton watch brands are one of its kind. Because of the extreme efforts put in every detail, it is admired by many.

Amazon's review states that it shows the complexity of the inside working but doesn't affect your ability to ready time in quick moments.

The watch features hours, minutes, and seconds. For the real watch enthusiast, the caliber movement has been shown in this see-thru watches.

Furthermore, the sapphire glass adds to its durability. It is scratch-free and keeps your watch safe from damages and most probable scratches.

Key Features:

  • Displays hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Fixed stainless steel bezel
  • Calibre movement display

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 40 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Luminous hands and marker to see time in the dark ❌ Not everyone admires tang clasp
✅ Scratch-free glass
✅ The stainless steel material used

TAG Heuer Carrera Men's Watch
watch with gears showing

Are you looking for the best skeleton watches, but fear what impression it will leave on others?

I agree with the fact that luxury skeleton watches can appear complicated and in some cases challenging to read. But if you are a man who is not afraid of trying some new looks, or who is crazy about the black color, then this is your way to go.

It is one of the most elegant full black, top-rated best skeleton watches.

The rubber band allows you to wear it at casual gatherings and the dial makes it excellent for formal wear.

It is one of the best skeleton watches amazon reviews. Furthermore, it has incredible power reserves. If you plan on traveling for long hours, then take this watch, and you will always keep track of time.

Key Features:

  • Encompasses 39 jewels
  • Chronography features
  • 50 hours power reserve

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Swiss automatic 100 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Displays date ❌ Few are uncomfortable with deployment buckle
✅ Luminous hands and hour markers
✅ The black ceramic bezel and brushed with polished stainless steel

Zenith Chronomaster Men's Watch
swiss made skeleton watches

If you were here looking for a classy watch that features as the best skeleton watches, I have this one right here for you.

Back in 2018, when I found myself inclined towards cool skeleton watches, I found this on amazon. And to be honest, I didn't think twice about it.

The display is surreal; it is not just made to be kept in the closet.

It demands to be worn. This model is exceptional in quality and accuracy. As the open face watches are involved, many people fear that it will not offer accuracy. It is not the case with this watch.

The leather itself is used to add value, in addition to that little detailing is done with the rubber lining.

Key Features:

  • Column wheel
  • Displays date in a separate window
  • Colours are chosen to help in easier readability

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 100 meters 42 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ The leather of the strap is protected with the rubber lining ❌ Some prefer screw-down crown over push/ pull
✅ Scratch-free sapphire crystal
✅ Luminous gold rose-tone hands to enhance visibility in the dark

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Watch
best skeleton watches under 1000

Do you love to collect watches?

If yes then here is one of the best skeleton watches you must have. It is an accurate representation of the skeleton watch men wear.

This particular model is for those who are obsessed with the internal working of a watch.
The main feature of this skeleton watch face is that it ultimately shows the details that your timepiece has.

The beauty of the display is undeniable.

I have it for years, and I still think that none other watch models will be able to replace it.
The sapphire crystal is another addition to its unique features.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic design with 17 jewels
  • Transparent, highlighting inner details
  • Easily adjustable on the wrist

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Luminous to show hands in the dark ❌ No minutes, and seconds display
✅ Offers higher accuracy
✅ Higher durability

Piaget Altiplano Men's Watch
swiss made skeleton watch

It is the best skeleton watches that are neither complex nor difficult to read.

Piaget has introduced this skeleton dial to help watch enthusiasts maintain the style and keep up with the time track.

A part of the dial that displays time is not disturbed by the visuals of inner movements.

For these particular reasons, it is one of the top skeleton watches that is most bought among the last years.

The twenty jewels make it the watch that you should wear special occasions.

However, the design is not restricted to formal gatherings. You can also wear it as a casual watch and pull it off. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive skeleton watch but worth it.

Key Features:

  • 18karat white gold case
  • Black alligator leather strap
  • Little fine details are given to the strap

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Mechanical hand-wind movement 20 meters 38 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Displays hours, minutes, and seconds ❌ Depending on people's choice, push/pull crown is not considered safe
✅ Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
✅ Silver-tone hands

Fossil Men's Watch
skeleton watches under 100

If you want a skeleton watch because it is in the trend that the best skeleton watch under 200 would suit you best.

Why should you spend extra on a watch that you would not wear all the time, but have in your collection? This watch by Fossil will cost you less than 200 and will offer exceptional features.

Cheap skeleton watches don't mean that it has lower quality.

It is a black dial aesthetic watch that doesn't confuse you with the time nor the movement. The display is easy to read. Furthermore, you can easily explore the inner activities.

With the scratch-resistant glass, you must not worry about little marks.

Key Features:

  • Displays hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Fine black dial and stainless steel material
  • Automatic black Physical Vapor Deposition

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 44 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Effortlessly removable strap ❌ Fold over claps may be harder to open
✅ Offers higher accuracy
✅ Extremely lightweight

Stuhrling Original Women's Dress Watch
watches with visible movements

There is no doubt that women admire watches as much as men.

However, some may think, why would a woman be looking for the best skeleton watches? But being an old watch collector, I have also observed people around me.

Working women would love the model introduced by Stuhrling.

It gives you the feeling of confidence and, at the same time, keeps your side of complexity on a higher level. I have listed it as the best skeleton watches under 300.

I recommend you try it first and see how it goes with your personality and the image you want to create.

The color will surely go with you. As it is unbiased and neutral.

Key Features:

  • It doesn’t require batteries
  • Krysterna dial material
  • Occupied with eye-catching crystals

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 20 meters 38 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ The Fully adjustable stainless steel link bracelet ❌ Not suited for casual wear
✅ Hours and minutes display
✅ Push-button deployment secures it around the wrist

Akribos Women's Skeleton Automatic Watch
watches with visible movement

The best skeleton watches under 500 exist, but this one is way less and beautiful.

For the women's section, I have only listed the best skeleton watches that friends have used. And I have personally observed the working of it.

One can't merely ignore the design on the leather strap.

The leather is of high quality. So you do not have to worry that it will lose its touch after a few months.

In addition to that, the rose stainless steel case adds to the beauty of it.

If you take a close look at the dial, you will see the efforts of the makers. Every detail is so smooth and refined that I do not know what is stopping you at such a price.

Key Features:

  • Includes a second-hand
  • Screw-in case back
  • Original black snake strap

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 32 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Ladies most admire the stationary bezel ❌ Having no numerals may confuse you sometime
✅ The material is exceptional of high quality
✅ Stainless steel case and bezel


Skeleton watches may appear complex to many. However, these watches are always classy to wear. From the best skeleton watches listed above, you can easily choose how much complex watch you want.

If you are a watch collector and do not intend to wear this watch, I recommend you go easy on your pocket.

However, if you are a true watch enthusiast and plan to wear this watch informal or casual gathering, I recommend you give it a shot.

Watch is not only to display time; it is here to add value, make impressions, and class.

Choose your watch according to your taste.


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