Best Moon Phase Watches Ever【To Get before 2022 】

best moon phase watches

 Has the time of the year come to get the best moon phase watches? 

 To stay in trend, you have to rush and get one from the below list. 

When you grow through the descriptions, you will find an affordable moon phase watch for yourself. In the list, I have mentioned moon phase watches for women.

The specification of the watches is incredibly unique. For this, you may see some of the watches are expensive, but the truth is that it is worth the money.

Do not worry, considering the economy’s current situation; I have listed the products that will not cost you much and yet have outstanding quality.

Explore the amazing brands below; Seiko, Citizen, and many more.

Calendar Citizen Watch
watch moon phases

The best moon phase watch that comprises of a whole calendar for your ease!

Its black dial and black band colour adds to the class men look for. The stainless steel material is of high quality. Not just that, it is a simple material but has a shine to it. Which indeed indicated the value it has.

In addition to the appearance, the admirers find the calendar to be most useful.

Amazon reviews show that it is best suited for people who have jobs and official meetings where mobile is not allowed. You can keep track of time and date as well.

In 2022 Eco-friendly technology is more in demand.

Furthermore, the watch is tough and offers higher durability. The sharp edge design is in high demand.

Key Features:

  • Moon phase display pointer
  • Date, day, and month indicator
  • Eco-drive technology

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 100 meters 44 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Adds class with the subtle color and sharp edges ❌ The integrated crown can be tricky sometimes
✅ Doesn't require a battery
✅ Comprises four separate sub-dials for easier readability

Nixon Men,s Ascender Watch

If this is the time you will purchase your first watch, then this is it; one of the best moon phases watches ever to exist.

This particular model by Nixon is made for individuals of every age. I would highly recommend this to young individuals.

This moon phase watch is too lightweight to carry.

If you are not used to wearing a watch all the time, this is best for you. As for the advantage of being lightweight, you will not feel it on your wrist.

Furthermore, the design is sharp yet smooth. It comprises of subtle colours; blue, red, and white. It will not be wrong to say that it is safe from the common damages; scratches.

Key Features:

  • Four hand movement
  • Features hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Custom crown guard for higher security

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz 100 meters 42 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Easy readability of time with the help of hands ❌ Comprises no metal stamp
✅ Hardened mineral glass to avoid scratches
✅ Suitable for swimming

Lucien Piccard Men's 'Babylon' Casual Watch

It is my favourite cheap moon phase watch for casual wear.

Lucien Piccard is known for the higher quality products it offers for lower prices. However, do not confuse yourself with the relation between price and quality.

I have this watch for years, and not once I had to send it for repair.

The accuracy is mind-blowing. It has a simplistic dial. The dial has sub-dials, which shows the other novel features it offers to its customers. These exceptionally affordable moon phase watches show the inner working of the masterpiece.
To get the best skeleton watch, click right here.

Furthermore, the 20 jewels add to its value. Undoubtedly it is a casual watch but worry not these jewels are used naturally.

Both the case and bezel are of stainless steel supreme quality material.

Key Features:

  • Comprises of 20 jewels
  • Rose Gold-Tone Ion-Plated Stainless Steel
  • Displays time on the set of roman numerals

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 46 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Automatic self-winding movement ❌ Some may not prefer deployant clasp
✅ Luminous enough to show time in the dark
✅ Sapphire crystal glass to avoid scratches

Orient Men's 'Sun and Moon Version' Watch

You were indeed looking for the best moon phase watches; you can get an extra exciting feature with this model.

It is not the watch with moon phases only but also indicates the sun. Undoubtedly there is more day time than night when men wear watches. So it best to get an idea about the sun on your wrist.

Furthermore, it is a complete package with the date and day feature.

Orient is one of the oldest watch brands, that is continuously moving on the journey of improvements. Building on the trust, the best affordable moon phase watch offers higher accuracy.

I am talking about the strap, which is not just a leather band. But also with the minor detailing done so secure higher durability.

Key Features:

  • Sun and moon indicator
  • Hand-winding
  • Movements made in Japan

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 42.5 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Power reserve of approximately 40 hours ❌ Not everyone admires push-button deployant clasp
✅ Seconds halt movement
✅ Displays date and day to keep easy track

Stührling Men's AM/PM Watch
automatic moon phase watch

The best moon phase watches, which is also a real example of a skeleton watch, is amazon's choice.

This model watch with moon phase also allows the wearer to examine the inside of the watch deeply. Either you are a genuine watch enthusiast or a watch collector, you may not want to miss your chance of buying this incredible design.

Furthermore, the band is not just ordinary leather, but an alligator embossed leather.

These moon phase watches have a classic tough. If you want a watch for formal wear, go for it, but do not worry if you are looking for a casual watch.

It perfectly fits the wrist and is smooth to carry all day.

Key Features:

  • Skeleton watch with moon phase
  • Alligator embossed leather band
  • Offers dual time

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 46 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Complete insight into your timepiece ❌ A little complex to read time
✅ Scratch-free Krysterna Crystal
✅ Stationary bezel

Seiko White Dial Black Leather Watch
watches with sun and moon dial

The best moon phase watches are not great for this particular feature. There is more to admire about these watches with moon phase.

For instance, this Seiko watch is my favourite and one of the oldest moon phase watch I bought. The reason I believed it was the simplicity it offers. Know more about Seiko here.

It has a dial which is primarily easier to read.

The colour combinations add to its beauty. If you are a traveller, then this watch is to go with. It offers higher accuracy at a minimal price.

With its thoughtful design, it is immune to daily damages.

Key Features:

  • Features sub-dials for date and day
  • Chronography functions
  • Fixed stainless steel bezel

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 100 meters 41 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Anti-glare Sapphire ❌ Some may not prefer deployant clasp
✅ Suitable for swimming
✅ Power reserve indicator

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Watch
moonphase watch under 1000

How come the best moon phase watches do not have tachymeter?

Even if some don't have, this Citizen watch has that for you. It is an extremely reliable watch to have. The moon phase indicator is set in a definite style unique to other brands.

The eco-drive technology adds to its value.

It does not require a particular light for its battery. Hence, they make it very easy for a wearer to carry a watch without any worries about charging. The chronography features is another ad-on.

If you are a wearer who needs to know the exact time, then goes for this watch. The chronography feature is for the hours hand, minutes hand, and seconds hand.

Furthermore, it has a 24-hour format. It is worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Features date and chronography features
  • It has a tachometer
  • Luminous to see time in the dark

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Japanese Quartz 100 meters 44 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Eco-drive technology ❌ Push-button clasp can be tough sometimes
✅ Precise time readability
✅ Offers higher accuracy

Longines Men's Watch
watch with sun and moon dial

Among the best moon phase watches, I have added this Swiss-made watch for true watch lovers.

If you have been in the watch industry for a decade, you must have realized a genuine swiss made watch. Watches with the moon phase are primarily unique for this particular feature; however, this one is admired for the design and functionality at the same time.

Focusing on the dial will give you the idea of the functions and features it offers—the sub-dials featuring day and date. Furthermore, the brown leather band colour makes it a casual and formal watch.

Longines has been in the watch market for years. I have never seen a wrong turn on this brand. It has always been admired and praised for the quality and accuracy it offers.

Key Features:

  • Chronography features
  • Day and date display
  • Brown alligator band

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Swiss Automatic 30 meters 42 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Subtle dial with easy readability because of the hands ❌ Not suitable for swimming or other water supports
✅ Skeleton case back to see inner functionality
✅ Scratch-resistant sapphire glass

Baume & Mercier Moon Phase Swiss Watch

The watches with moon phases have been in trend for a year and two now, why stay behind?

Get this amazingly designed watch, which has also made to the list of best moon phase watches. Recently, a poll was conducted on social media among the many watch brands;

Baume and Mercier ranked number 2 with their products' graphic design and quality.

This particular lunar phase watch has the date and day for you. If you do not carry a mobile often, you will not panic, and you will stay on track.

The stainless steel material is brushed, and polishes; giving the exclusive look one expects for the amount. The dial is not typical because it has been sun-brushed, making it the best moon phase watch.

Key Features:

  • Chronography functions
  • 25 jewels
  • Full calendar features

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Swiss automatic movement 50 meters 43 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Noise-free smooth movement ❌ Triple folding clasp is secure but tiring for some
✅ Anti-reflective sapphire glass, which is also scratch-free
✅ Brushed and polished stainless steel material

Omega Moon Phases watch

The best moon phase watch Omega has ever made is this right one mentioned here. Why?

It features new and more enhanced material, making it one of the most accurate watches and a moon phase watch desired by many.

If you plan on making the purchase, I would highly recommend you to buy it.

A friend of mine had it, and I have never seen this go off his wrist. Moreover, the full blue colour adds to the beauty. It is not overwhelming at all. Blue Dial with Red Accents is its true beauty.

This model is an automatic moon phase watch which can work for days on the battery reserve. The phases of the moon watch are easily identifiable.

One thing I particularly like about this watch is how it is suitable for men of every age.

Key Features:

  • Pointer Date Feature
  • Column-Wheel Chronograph Feature
  • Anti-Magnetic Feature

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Swiss Automatic 100 meters 44.25 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Self Winding Automatic Movement ❌ May not fall under your budget
✅ 60 Hour Power Reserve
✅ Polished Stainless Steel Case

Zenith Open Grande Watch
swiss moon phase watches

Genuine best moon phase watch with the superior quality leather with minor detailing has ruled the list with its characteristics.

It is one of its kind moon dial watch, pretty as well as definite. The small sub-dials display the distinguishing features it offers to its valued customers.

It reveals the date and inner working of the watch.

This lunar watch comes in round shape with smooth edges. It is hard enough not to get scratches from minor damages in daily routine.

If you want to explore which hand wears a watch to avoid damages, read this detailed blog.

Key Features:

  • Features tachymeter
  • Also categorized as a skeleton watch
  • Displays hours, minutes, and seconds

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 30 meters 45 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Scratch-free sapphire glass ❌ The only option of deployant clasp
✅ Effortless readability with separate hands
✅ Durable leather band

Hublot Fusion Men's Watch
best moonphase watches

It is one of the best moon phase watch with a skeleton dial.
A few watches have been mentioned above, which also had a skeleton dial. However, they just had a sub-dial, but this particular model's dial is a classic skeleton.
You can see the movement of the caliber anytime you want.
The gray titanium case is unique. This moon dial watch has simple colors with a transparent case back. The whole watch is open for you to observe and learn.
The quality of Hublot is unquestionable.
It has been running its business for years now. One thing I can guarantee is that the products of this brand are made to last.

Key Features:

  • Skeleton dial with moon phase
  • Displays day and month
  • Chronography features

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Automatic 50 meters 42 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Scratch-resistant sapphire glass ❌ Complex to read at times
✅ Leather band with fine details
✅ Highly durable watch

Victorinox Women's Moon Phase Watch

To be honest, women's moon phase watches are more delicate and detailed than men's.

Victorinox has specifically designed these watches for women who are somewhat into detailing. If you were looking for a moon phase watch under 500, then struggle no more; this is the best you will find.

Surprisingly it suits every wrist at any hour.

Be it a formal meeting or night party; you are ready to pull it off at either gathering. The dial and case colours complement each other. Women are more careful towards damages, but since they wear it in the right hand, the watch is prone to damages. To avoid it, sapphire glass has been used to prevent scratches.

Key Features:

  • It features date
  • Swiss-Made quartz Alliance watch
  • Shock resistant

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Swiss Quartz 100 meters 35 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Stationary bezel doesn't cause disturbance ❌ Some women find it hand to unscrew the case back.
✅ Stainless-steel case
✅ Scratch-free sapphire glass

Women's Quartz Moon Phase Watch
watches with moonphase

It is time to add the best moon phase watch that is affordable by all.

This premium quality watch is accessible on the budget. Please do not mistake the price with the low quality because it has a Genuine leather watchband.

I have not seen such a unique design that is eye-catchy at the same time at such a price.

The starry sky dial adds to the real feel. According to research, women's moon phase watches are made with extra care and creativity because they wear it as an accessory.

Furthermore, this classic design is suitable for women of every age.

It is one of the best reviews of amazon women's watch because of the comfortable leather band.

Key Features:

  • Starry sky dial with no scale
  • Genuine leather band
  • Stainless Steel case material

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 30 meters 36 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Easy on the budget watch ❌ Not suitable for swimming or water recreational activities
✅ Adjustable hole buckle
✅ Comfortable to wear

Women Moon Phase Dress Watch

Among the best moon phase watches for women, this is best suited for ladies looking for a dress watch.

It constitutes of three sub-dials for date, days, and moon phase.

The strap is extremely comfortable to wear.

I love the design of this watch. It is highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • 14KT gold plated with a double row
  • Baguette crystal bezel
  • Fitted with Japanese movement

Movement Water Resistance Diameter
Quartz 30 meters 41 millimeters

Pros Cons
✅ Easy to read with bold roman numerals ❌ Just bears water splash not more than that
✅ Luminous hands to see time in the dark
✅ Suede Leather Band is exceptionally comfortable


The watches that I listed above are my favorite, and I have observed many personally.

However, if you are looking for a suggestion, I recommend you get one moon phase watch from the above list of best moon phase watches.

If you want it, that shy not to spend some money. But if you're going to wear it for once or twice, get the comparatively cheaper one.


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