Best Golf GPS Watch That Rule The Course

GPS golf watches review

 The best golf GPS watch is everything a true golf lover talks about. 

 However, we can not deny the fact that it is not just a watch but a set of features that you must have when you are on the course

In this article, the top watches have been selected, and some of them is that I have personally used. Not to forget that the features that a person requires differ according to his taste. A person who sees golf as a sport would require the lastest and full package feature, but a person who plays golf to kill time would do great with only sunlight readability.

Go through these watches and select the one that has got features of your taste.

Since you are reading this article which gives the perception that you are in sports so these dive watches may interest you as well.

However, we can not deny the fact that tough watches have a great role to play in sports. Be it in a group or an individual game. Do not worry if you want the toughest watch in the world; you are not alone. Check this collection of tough watch and get one for yourself.

Garmin Premium GPS Golf Watch
golf GPS watch reviews

To find the best golf GPS watch is harder than it sounds.

However, I am assuring you this model is the best one to get right now with my experiences. This golf smartwatch has a sleek design, which helps you make the swing without getting distracted.

Why is it one of the best golf watches to have?

Because the display size is impressive, and the dial is sunlight readable. It means that if you are out on a sunny day, you will still be able to track your watch time.
Not just that, the golf watch reviews show that it has the best map of all.
The GPs use your location and help you analyze the yardages more precisely than ever. In addition to that, the map has a colour that allows you to locate areas quickly.

Do not worry if it is your first golf GPS watch!

Because the GPS golf watches reviews state that it is convenient for everyone to connect it to launch smart features.

Key Features:

  • Sunlight readable touchscreen
  • Displays hazards and doglegs on a colourful map
  • Easy connectivity with map

Display Battery Life
30 millimeters Up to 10 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Reliable battery life with ten days in watch mode and ten hours in golf mode ❌ Requires Garmin mobile app for connectivity
✅ Immediately takes your location with high accuracy
✅ Quickfit band with smooth wrapping around the wrist

S40 GPS Golf Smartwatch
best golf watch 2019

The best golf GPS watch is categorized based on the weight it carries.

If it is lighter, it means that it will give you more liberty at the gold course. This golf watch is exceptionally lightweight. It is made from stainless steel material, which doesn't damage the wrist during sweaty days.

Furthermore, the stainless steel material is combined with a subtle grey band.

The Garmin golf watch review shows that this model particularly is liked by all, for it carries the essential features. For instance, the band is easily changeable. It will be your call which colour you want.

These GPS golf watches come with sunlight readability technology.

With this fantastic feature, you can keep track of time on summer sunny days or winter mornings. It allows you to keep an eye on the shot records and distances for the true golf enthusiast.

They are hence giving you the chance to perform better at every next shot. However, you must note that some shots like chips around the green are not tracked.

Key Features:

  • Auto shot detection and auto record
  • Built-in multisports profiles
  • Smart notification for calls, email, texts, and other alerts

Display Battery Life
30 mm 15 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Stylish and lightweight ❌ Needs to be used often to ensure smooth working
✅ Has 41,000 pre-loaded courses
✅ Detects shot distances

Garmin Monitoring Watch
GPS golf watches reviews

The GPS golf watches reviews come in handy when deciding a watch for yourself.

Want to know why it became the most famous watch of 2022? The primary reason is the sensitive GPS working. This GPS golf watch works wonder even under trees. The connectivity is exceptionally high. Thus connecting with the satellite and sending information about the distance to greens.

Auto shot technology measures the shot distances.

These golf GPS watches are backed with auto-recording for post-round analysis. In addition to that, this model by Garmin helps in tracking your health. The heart rate tracker monitors your health. It works day and night. This golf distance watch sends you notifications for staying alert not just on the course but also on course.

Isn't it challenging to know how far you are from the next pin?

But with this best golf watch GPS, you do not have to worry about that. This particular model has exceptional technology that knows the distance from the next pin and helps you track location easily.

Key Features:

  • Displays distance to the front, back, and middle
  • Auto shot tracking and recording
  • Heart rate monitor

Display Battery Life
36 mm 10 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Enables smart notifications ❌ Needs to be cleaned regularly
✅ Enhanced green view display
✅ Slim and extremely lightweight

S10 Lightweight GPS Golf Watch
garmin golf watch reviews

The best GPS golf watch lightweight and in sleek design is the choice of Amazon.

I have developed a liking towards this watch because it is super easy to use. The user interface has been made convinient, which directly drives the user to experience delightful.

It has a high-resolution display to make it easier for the wearer to read the time.

Apart from the sunlight display, your golf GPS watch must have high resolution. Even if your watch has sunlight display but not the resolution is of poor quality, you will not track time.

Among many other features, the yardages are the most admired of all.

It gives the yardages to the front, back, and middle. Furthermore, it has 41,000 pre-loaded world courses. If you are still searching for reasons to buy this, then know that it will keep track of distances and shots. You have to play freely.

Key Features:

  • Uploads your scorecard
  • High resolution and sunlight readability
  • Keep scores and summary of the record

Display Battery Life
30 mm 12 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Extremely lightweight with a sleek design ❌ A little crucial to set the date
✅ Ease of rechargeable battery
✅ 41,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide

Callaway GPS Golf GPS Watch
golf range finder watch

Callaway has introduced the best golf watch for you.

This watch has updated technology for the golf enthusiast. In addition to that, the display is of moderate size. Other than the weight of the watch, the display plays a major role.
The edges of your watch must not irritate you during the swing.

This golf watch GPS has sharp edges, which will help out during the swing. Neither it scratches your wrist nor bound it to twist. It is highly recommended for beginners.
Other than spending a dollar on this watch, no other penny needs to be spent.

This golf rangefinder watch comes with neither a subscription nor a downloading fee. All you have to do on your part is enjoy the game and your smart watch's features. It has marked itself as the top golf yardage watches for the auto settings.

Talking about the automated setting, I remember how accurate the auto-hole technology

Key Features:

  • No downloading or subscription fee
  • The precise distance at all sides of the green
  • Track accurate round stats

Display Battery Life
32 10-12 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Comfortably fits around the wrist ❌ The time required to do all the settings accordingly
✅ 30,000 global courses
✅ Digital and analog format

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch
best garmin golf watch

Among the best golf GPS watches, this has entirely set up its position just fine.

In less period, Bushnell is one of the best gold GPS watches brands that people inquire about. The demand is mainly high for the exclusive features it offers to the wearer.
Its 3D flyovers with distance are the most talked-about feature.

With this, you can easily see the hole from a distance. In addition to that, it measures the distance from the front, back, and middle. It is, therefore allowing you to stay ahead with the requisite knowledge of the hazards.

Not just a single whole, but you can view all the holes with measured distances from where you are standing.

Preloaded courses are another addition that one requires in its golf rangefinders watch. But you do not have to stick to the preloaded courses; you can update them whenever you want. All you have to do is connect it with Bluetooth, and you are ready to upgrade the course gallery.

Key Features:

  • Easily readable distances to the front, back, and center
  • 36000 preloaded courses
  • 3D flyovers with accurate distances

Display Battery Life
17 millimeters 12 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Sleek design and lightweight ❌ 36000 courses are bound to 30 countries
✅ Easy Bluetooth course update
✅ Auto measure shot distances

Tomtom GPS Watch

If I talk about the top GPS watches golf of 2022, Tomtom has amazed me with the unique feature at easy pocket price.

This model will particularly suit those who are observers of their performance. I have benefited from its technology of keeping the scores and distances automatically. It provides you with insight into your effort and how much was required.

In addition to that, it saves the most played location and gives genuine statistics with the sensors.

The GPS golf watch review states that it is the best watch for post-game analysis. I would highly recommend this watch to those who play golf as a sport or with real passion. Other than that, it the best look for beginners.

The LED readability allows you to enjoy the game freely by staying on time and tracking your performance.

Key Features:

  • 40000 international courses
  • Accurate distance to hazards
  • Update course with smart connectivity

Display Battery Required
11 mm Lithium-Ion (included)

Pros Cons
✅ No cost for updating the course ❌ Tri-fold closure may not suit you if you sweat easily
✅ Exact distance measure from the front, back, and center
✅ Comfortable fit on the writs

Golf Buddy GPS Watch

In the category of smart, it is the best golf GPS watch to have.

The advanced features are the heart of this watch. Golf Buddy has designed its watches for golf and sports enthusiasts. Therefore all attributes are set accordingly considering the actual needs.

The LCD comes with a sensitive touch screen.

This offers a high resolution for a clearer view. One of these GPS golf watches reviews says that the person with 50 age can also accurately see the display. Furthermore, it shows the green slopes ahead to avoid any hazard. Not just that, you also get a clear view of water and holes. It ultimately helps you in a better direction of your shot.

Automatic course updates through Bluetooth connectivity adds to the features of making golf easier for many.

Consequently, the colourful map helps to locate distances. It also offers to take a good view of the holes. You are also provided with previous scores to analyze your performance.

Key Features:

  • Zoom in and out function for hole’s view
  • 40000 preloaded courses
  • Two wrist bands included

Display Battery Life
33 mm 10 hours

Pros Cons
✅ Automatic course and hole recognition with course updates through Bluetooth ❌ Requires some time to connect with the Bluetooth
✅ Digital scorecard and pedometer
✅ Allows you pin placement

SkyCaddie GPS Golf Watch
golf watch rangefinders

SkyCaddie LX5 soon became Amazon's choice of the best golf GPS watch.

It happened for the GPS golf watch review that was remarkably positive. The users said that the experience was comfortable, and it didn't interrupt the swing. It comes in a round design that is beneficial for making a smooth swing. In addition to that, the edges are fine that does not hurt the wrist in any way.

The best smartwatch for golf is the one with the best maps.

This model has a higher resolution screen. Furthermore, the colours of the map make it super easy to access the location. IT also shows the hazards and water areas. All you have to do it measure your shot and enjoy it. The other feature that makes it the best GPS watch for golf is the zoom-in feature. It allows us to observe the holes deeply.

You only have to slide the cursor, and the accurate map will appear on display.

Key Features:

  • Colored touchscreen with FHD
  • Measure distance to front and back with the option of pinning location
  • Automatically updates the score stats

Display Battery Life
35 mm Up to two rounds

Pros Cons
✅ With IntelliGreen technology, the map matches the approach according to your direction ❌ Though it is the brightest color watch, however, sunlight readability may effect if not cared properly
✅ Effortless readability with the option to zoom the numbers
✅ Along with scoring stats, it also monitors heart rate

TecTecTec Golf Watches
golf GPS watch reviews 2018

Wouldn't you agree with me when playing, we do not like to get distracted or disturbed?

Because in many instances, you may be carrying a watch that is either not bright enough or not good at keeping stats. Other than that, the watch may be too complex to use. These factors put down the vibe. However, the best golf GPS watch is here because it is the most uncomplicated golf watch you could ever have.

The most common and used apps for golf are in this watch.

Consequently, these apps don't make your watch heavy or work slowly because of the load. They are highly optimized. This golf yardage watch is much easier to use than other GPS watch golf. You just have to learn the function of four buttons, and you are good to go.

It is one of the most reliable and durable watches. The design is novel and pleasing.

Key Features:

  • ULT-G makes it super fun to use
  • Small buttons with accessible functions
  • 38000 courses worldwide

Display Battery Life
30 2.5 rounds

Pros Cons
✅ Auto course recognition and automatic hole progression ❌ The connectivity to the satellite may become complex over time
✅ Distance to front/center/back of the green
✅ No subscriptions fee and updates

cheap golf GPS watch

The GPS golf watches review for this model suggest that it is user friendly.

Why is it such a significant factor to consider? You can get many watches that would be great at work; however, it is useless if you are not comfortable with the watch! It is not only excellent in working but also in design and structure. The material is smooth for the wrist and doesn't affect the movement of the wrist.

Keep playing because this watch will keep step tracks for you.

It is also beneficial for you if you do not want to spend on the watch after purchases. It comes with 38000 courses, and there is no fee of subscription or updating the course.

Key Features:

  • Measures distance to every direction, with holes estimate
  • Pedometer to monitor your health
  • On your movement; the watches updates to the next hole

Display Battery Life
33 m 50 days in time mode

Pros Cons
✅ 38000 pre-loaded worldwide courses ❌ Manual scorecard entries
✅ White on a black screen for readability in the sun
✅ Measures the shot distance with pressing the upper button

Buying guide

The best golf GPS watch is harder to buy when you are new to the watch industry. However, I have decided to help the beginners in this regard with the help of GPS golf watches review. Because this is the best source from which we can learn what features were mandatory and which weren’t.

First of all that matters the most is that you watch must have some water resistance.

It is mandatory because your wrist can get sweaty depending on the mood of the sun. So to be on the safe side, the watch must be able to bear water splashes.

The next and another important feature to look for in your golf watch is GPS.

Ever golf watch has a GPS, what’s new to see? Majorly you have to check if the watch supports GPS just for holes tracking or also guides you about the hazards. In addition to that, the latest watches of 2022 help you by analyzing the water spots. Please do not take it lightly, because once you are on the course, you must know about the surroundings.

Moving towards the third point of golf watch buying guide is to check the sunlight readability.

Watches with just high contrast won’t be of much help on a bright sunny day. You would want to have a watch that is readable under the sun because that is the time when you will be on the course.

The last but the most important one for a genuine golf sportsman is an automatic scorecard.

If your watch doesn’t have it, then most of your time will get wasted of keeping notes and scores. Look for the watch that can do that for you and provide you with ease of playing.

Other than these you can also check the wrist band size and how it will affect your wrist during the swing. Some prefer square designs, and some go for around.

I leave this up to you. But if it helps you, I prefer square design. In addition to that, if my watch has sunlight display, I would not go for a bigger dial. A moderate size will do the work as well.


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