Top 8 Automatic Watches Under $5000

Automatic Watches Under 5000 dollars

What started as a simple means to measure and keep a record of time has become an essential fashion statement.

Depending upon the manufacturer and the time spent on in the production of the watch, these watches can range from a couple of dollars to as much as a couple of million. They come in all shapes and sizes with their unique look and features.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best automatic watches under $5000.

Omega Analog Display Swiss Automatic Silver Watch

This watch from the expert watch manufacturer Omega is in a class of its own. It's elegant yet bold at the same time. it has world-class sapphire protection covering, making it sturdy and scratch-resistant.

In terms of its technical features, it has a Swiss-based automatic movement with the ability to show the time and date with absolute precision. It's also a chronograph meaning that you can measure time with it easily.

Key Features:

  • Sapphire glass protection
  • Chronograph
  • Ceramic bezels

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic300 meters44 millimeters

An amazing watch for diversSome people may not like the fact that this is heavier than most automatic watches.
Its ceramic bezels add to its beauty and also showcases omega's attention to detail
Sapphire crystal protection makes it durable and long-lasting

Breitling Avenger II GMT Silver Watch

The avenger two from Breitling is an amazing automatic watch for under 5000 dollars. It costs around 3700$ but it feels and certainly looks like a handcrafted luxury watch.

It's a bi-directional watch with GMT timezone as well. It's simple and at the same time very robust looking. Its metallic strap and the metallic chassis look magnificent and feel exquisite. It's one of the best automatic watches that you can buy for under 5000$.

Key Features:

  • GMT time zone
  • Chronograph
  • 42 hour power reserve

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic300 metres43 millimeters

Amazing underwater performanceDoes'nt have chronographic features
Beautiful silver chassis
Massive power reserve

TAG Heuer Aqua Racer 500 Automatic Watch

The Aqua racer from Tag Heuer is a watch that definitely deserves a spot on the list of best automatic watches under 5000 dollars. It has the best in its class underwater durability, it can withstand 50 ATMs of pressure meaning that it can work approximately 1680 feet underwater.

That's not all, the stainless steel strap of the aqua racer is beautiful, elegant and can be elongated. It's a great watch for both casual and formal events, making it a great dress watch for such events.

Key Features:

  • Capable of withstanding 50 ATM of pressure
  • Beautiful stainless steel strap
  • Anti glare sapphire crystal

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic512 metres44 millimeters

Phenomenal underwater capabilitiesDoes not have chronographic features
Beautiful silver chassis
Anti-glare glass

Cartier Solo Analog Display Black Watch

Cartier watches are generally very expensive, but the Solo is a great entry-level watch. It has all the features that one may need, it can show the time and date. Along with that, it also has a sapphire crystal display glass making it durable and scratch-resistant.

Overall it's a great entry-level Cartier watch that looks professional and feels great on the wrist. It's one of the cheapest watches on our list costing around 3500$ which is still a lot but considering the fact that it is made by Cartier, the price is reasonable.

Key Features:

  • The leather strap looks great
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic30 meters42 millimeters

Looks amazingMost users desire a longer power reserve,
Beautiful leather bandIn comparison to other watches in the same price range, its underwater capabilities are underwhelming.
Anti-glare glass

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36

The Rolex Oyster is an amazing and beautiful automatic watch under 5000$ for women. Rolex is one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world, some of the most expensive and unique watches are Rolexes. Rolex is known for its attention to detail and overall reliability, the oyster receives the same attention from Rolex.

It's a beautiful looking watch with a brushed steel casing. It looks elegant and makes it a perfect dress watch for any event. So if you're in the market for an exquisite automatic watch for under 5000 dollars than the Rolex oyster is definitely worth considering.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful brushed steel case
  • Luminescent markers
  • Sapphire crystal protection

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic100 meters36 millimeters

Looks amazing with its metal strapThe 42-hour power reserve is great but some users desire a larger capacity.
Luminescent markers allow the watch to be seen even in the low light situations
Sapphire glass

TAG Heuer Women's Carrera Silver Watch

The Carrera from tag Heuer is one of the best and most beautiful automatic watches for women under 5000$. It has been expertly crafted by Tag Heuer and they have done an exceptional job designing this beauty.

The watch looks unique, bold and elegant. Its inner dial contains 12 diamonds, which makes the watch look classy and exquisite. The Carrera has been made with extreme precision and state of the art technology that ensures the user of its reliability. It's a great option for anyone looking for the best automatic watches under 5000$

Key Features:

  • Black diamonds
  • Displays the date as well
  • Sapphire crystal protection

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic100 meters28 millimeters

Simply beautifulIt's a slightly older model
The diamonds showcase the exquisite nature of the watch
Sapphire glass

Breitling Galactic 36 Mother of Pearl Dial Unisex Watch

The Breitling galactic 36 is truly one of its kind. It has a stunning 18k rose gold dial, giving the sense of luxury that we have come to expect from Breitling. It's Sahara leather strap also adds to its unique and superb look and feel.

The galactic 36 comes in a variety of colors but the mother of pearl is truly unique and definitely the best among the group. With an actual pearl present on its crown, it is nothing short of stunning. Breitling itself deems the mother of pearl the best color among its class. It's perhaps the best luxury watch under 5000$.

Key Features:

  • 18k rose gold dial
  • Displays the date as well
  • Mother of pearl color

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic100 meters18 millimeters

The 18k gold really adds to its beautyIt has only a uni-directional movement.
Massive power reserve for its size
Sahara leather strap

MontBlanc Timewalker

Montblanc is a very prestigious watchmaker. The Timewalker from Montblanc showcases the expertise and the years of experience the watch designers and crafters have spent in the industry.

The Timewalker is a simple and elegant watch with a Swiss automatic movement. The crocodile strap suits the dial very well and feels great on the wrist. The watch even has a reserve power indicator. It's definitely worth looking over if you're in the market for the best automatic watches under 5k.

Key Features:

  • Crocodile strap
  • Brushed steel inner dial
  • Sapphire crystal protection

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss automatic30 meters42 millimeters

Robust and exquisiteIt's a slightly older model
Luminescent markers
Displays the day on the week as well


If you skipped the rest of the article and jumped here than we highly recommend buying the Breitling Galactic 36, its an amazing watch for its price and it's like nothing else. It looks fantastic, elegant and unique all at the same time. You may also want to consider looking at the Aqua racer from Tag Heuer, this watch offers some really advanced features that you cannot get anywhere else.

We've discussed and clearly shown that you can get amazing and beautiful watches for under 5k packed with exquisite features. In this price range, you can get watches from very reputable and luxury brands such as Breitling, Rolex, Montblanc, Tag Heuer, and Cartier.


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